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Art & Design

College of Arts & Sciences


The B.A. Art (Studio Art) is a liberal arts degree appropriate for the student who wishes to develop studio art knowledge and skills with the flexibility to take courses and minor (required) in another academic area. This degree helps to prepare students for a broad range of professional pursuits, including work as a studio artist and related professions like work in art galleries and museums, curatorial work, design firms, advertising agencies, publishing companies, K-12 teaching, adult and community art programs, art therapy and for further study in the visual arts.

Students pursuing the B.A. Art (Studio Art) are encouraged to meet with an advisor or the chair of the department early in their program of study; advisors for B.A. students will be posted in the department each semester. Grades in Art and Art History must be C or above for students in this major. All B.A. students are required to complete a foreign language course numbered 2020 or above with a grade of C- or better. B.A. studio students must select ARTH 4067 or 4077 as one of the three 4000-level art history courses required.

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