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Art & Design

College of Arts & Sciences


Program of Study

Our undergraduate program in ceramics offers comprehensive course of study in wheel throwing, hand building, mold making, material science, professional practices, and a wide range of kiln firing temperatures and technologies. Special topics courses offer intensive focus on processes like: kiln building, figurative ceramics, and ceramic surface design. Once accepted in to the program, B.F.A. students matriculate through a series of advanced courses that introduce the sophisticated technical, critical, and research skills necessary for the creation of an individual body of work.

Our M.F.A. program is a three-year course of study. Graduate students at ETSU come to the program with a mature body of work, material curiosity, and aspirations to strengthen their studio practice through intensive study. Formal and informal interaction with area and department faculty is a critical part of the education; studio visits and critiques with visiting artists are an exciting addition to the ongoing studio dialogue. Each graduate student is provided with an individual workspace within a shared graduate studio. Scholarships and Assistantships are available and opportunities exist for qualified students to teach courses within the department.

In both Undergraduate and Graduate programs, elective courses taken in art history and other studio disciplines deepen the foundation of knowledge students acquire and encourage the integration of cross-disciplinary study. With faculty approval, students have access to facilities in other media, including Extended Media Studies that houses a ceramic 3D printer.
 kiln yard

Facilities and Equipment

The Ceramics Area shares the Art Annex building with the Sculpture Area. The ceramics facility is equipped with two large, high-ceiling, open-format work spaces, a glaze lab, clay mixing room, graduate studio, ceramic library/lounge, and an extensive kiln pad. The glaze lab is set up for high and low fire glazing and is fully stocked with dry materials and shop glazes. Just outside the Art Annex there is a thriving pollinator garden. All ceramics students have 24 hour access to the facility.

Computerized Electric Kilns:
Cone Art Oval
L&L E23T
L&L E28T
Skutt 1027
Skutt 818
Skutt Firebox Test Kiln
Gas Kilns:
42 cu ft Downdraft Reduction Car Kiln
32 cu ft Downdraft Soda Kiln
4.5 cu ft Fiber Basket Raku Kiln
Wood Kilns:
24 cu ft Catenary Arch Wood/Salt Kiln
60 cu ft Manibigama Wood Kiln
Pit Firing Area
8 Brent & Shimpo Electric Wheels
8 Lockerbie Kick Wheels
North Star Extruder
Brent Extruder
Brent Slab Roller
Sculpture Taborets
Community Tool Wall
3 Handbuilding Tables
Wedging Tables
Individual Storage Space
Fully Stocked Dry Material Lab
Spray Booth & Ventilated Mixing Area
2 North Star Steel Glaze Tables
Triple Beam & Digital Scales
Plaster Reclaim Table
18 Glazes
16 Slips
Terra Sigillata
Bench Grinding Wheel
Peter Pugger 100 lb Capacity Clay Mixer
Air Compressor
Inkjet Decal Printer
Plaster Casting Equipment
12 Display Pedestals
Photography Equipment (boom, tripod, stand, lighting)
Two Sandblasters (Sculpture)
Ceramic 3D Printer (Extended Media)

Visiting Artists & Student Activities

The Student Ceramics Association (SCA) is an active student club managed by undergraduate and graduate students in ceramics. Every year the club organizes a number of events including: a gallery exhibition in Johnson City, an empty bowls fundraiser, ceramics sales, outreach events, and visiting artist demonstrations. Ceramics sales happen once a semester and help to fund student activities like the visiting artists, trips to NCECA, and purchasing of specialized equipment for student use.

Visiting Artists in Ceramics:
Chris Pickett, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Mark Erroll, Michael Kline, Jason Burnett, Chuck Hindes, Virginia Scotchie, Nick Joerling, Sammie Nicely, Kelly Theil, Donna Polseno, Richard Hensley, Josh Copus, and more.


Lindsay Rogers

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