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Art & Design

College of Arts & Sciences


The Jewelry & Metals program uses concepts and techniques derived from the properties of metal and 3-Dimensional Design. Courses focus on material exploration and the development of ideas in the form of objects and wearable art. Exposure to a broad range of techniques encourages formal experimentation including challenging traditional metal practices and the use of alternative materials. Individual expression is developed as students pursue imagery and content.

Students in ARTA 2081 Beginning Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing practice the techniques of piercing, soldering, stone setting, riveting, sinking, and casting to gain a working knowledge of metal and its properties. Assignments include concepts such as wearability, functionality, and the context of craft in art. Craftsmanship is an essential component of the course and largely determines the success of the work.

As students progress through the program, courses explore additional techniques and the use of metal with alternative materials. Techniques include raising, anti-clastic smithing, enameling, etching, die forming, chasing & repousse, granulation, carving, mold making, mechanisms, and large scale casting. While all students create introductory projects to intermediate techniques, further study derives from individual pursuit. Students can create a body of work around a single technique or combine multiple processes to build forms. Upper level students may use any applicable material, making jewelry, objects, and sculpture regardless of function. The introduction of content begins at the intermediate level and progresses as students gain knowledge and experience.

The beginning course focuses primarily on construction methods, while the intermediate and advanced level courses decipher the notion of form. All work is expected to have a high level of sophistication, craftsmanship, with significant imagery to convey the artist's intent. Communication should be achieved through form without the need of supporting statements. Jewelry & Metals students, must exhibit senior work in a group B.F.A. exhibition to receive the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. M.F.A. students complete a solo exhibition of work.

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Facilities and Equipment

Jewelry & Metals facilities in the ETSU Department of Art & Design are housed in Ball Hall, located in the center of the main campus. Two studio spaces are allocated for general use, with additional areas for graduate students, storage, complete with a handicapped lift and outdoor access. The first studio serves as the primary seating area, and is used for lectures, critiques, soldering, casting, enameling, etching, and fabrication. The second studio is used primarily as a smithing facility, but features additional equipment and work spaces including polishers, lapidary, hydraulic press, sand blaster, full size ceramic kiln, powder coating, and a MIG welder. Three Graduate studios are available with individual access, and may be acquired upon entering the program. Hand Tools may be checked out for beginning level students during the semester.

• 6 Smith Acetylene Torches ( 4 soldering stations) with adjustable custom ventilation
• Pickling area with ventilation hood
• 2 Centrifugal Casting Machines with ventilation hood
• Paragon Burn-out Kiln
• Oxy-Acetylene Torch
• Vacuum Machine
• Vulcanizer
• Wax Injector
• Wax Lathe
• Wax Melting Pot
• Electric Wax Sprue Machine
• Electric Furnace, 5lb Crucible
• Electric Furnace, 500 grams
• 2 Paragon Enameling Kilns
• 6" Durston Rolling Mill
• 3" Rolling Mill
• 3 Flex Shafts
• Machinist Drill Press
• Delta Drill Press
• Delta Ban Saw
• Industrial Disk Sander
• Delta Belt Sander
• Acid Hood
• Polishers
• Grinder
• Metal Chop Saw
• MIG Welder
• Sand Blaster
• Compressor
• Table Top/Bench Shear
• JET Step Shear
• Bonny Doon Hydraulic Press
• 4' Draw Bench
• Lapidary Saw/Polishers
• Tumbler
• Full size Paragon Ceramic Kiln, Cone 10
• Air Brush
• Powder Coating Machine
• Stake Sets: T-Stakes, Mushroom Stakes, Spoon Stakes, Bracelet Mandrel, Round Mandrel, 2 Blow    Horn Stakes, Sinusoidal
• Anvil, Railroad Ties, Vices, Stumps
• Miniature Stake Set
• Punch Sets: Full Dapping Die Block Set, Large Die Block Set, Disk Cutter, Round Bezel Punch, Square Bezel Punch
• Chasing Tools/Pitch Bowls
• Engraving Set
• Chemical/Acid Hood
• Eye Wash Stations
• Chemical Cabinet
• Hazardous Waste Pick-Up


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