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The drawing program offers basic, intermediate, advanced, and graduate level courses addressing contemporary and traditional subject matters, techniques, and materials.The initial drawing classes focus on perceptual and formal skill development, and later courses necessitate developing conceptual thinking skills and abilities to develop more focused bodies of work and independent thinking. While the relationship of drawing to other endeavors in art is discussed, students are encouraged to think of drawing as an end product rather than means of creating a study to complete the work in another media.

Drawing students may work with more traditional materials such as wet or dry pigment on paper, but they must also remain aware of more possibilities to drawing. Mixed media applications are encouraged in advanced classes to include work on canvas, wood, or other substances. Advanced student exploration may include additional media such as computer graphics or printmaking, and they may consider pushing the formats from small to large scale and from two dimensions to three.

Students are expected to remain aware of more formal aspects of drawing both representational and abstract. Drawing students are challenged through the use of a number of strategies, techniques, subject matter, and concepts. Drawing from live models is an important component to the program. Both traditional and experimental approaches are possible, and some students may pursue an interdisciplinary approach to their studies.

Students seeking concentrations in drawing are encouraged to develop interests in an additional media area within the department such as printmaking, painting, or illustration. Over a period of time, students are expected to develop a cohesive body of work for the culmination of the degree-the B.F.A. Thesis Exhibition.

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Facilities and Equipment 

Studio space
Individual drawing studios for graduate and advanced students

Adjustable drawing tables
Spray booth
Flat file storage for student work
Human skeleton model

Andrew Scott Ross


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