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ETSU is home to many "makers" and "doers" working to meet the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are looking for ways to contribute your time, talents and supplies to help our neighbors across the Appalachian Highlands and beyond, please fill out the form. 

We can use masks, 3D printed parts, drivers for pick up and drop off, material donations, expertise, to only name a few. Please let us know how you might want to help by filling our form. Many thanks for all you do for your community. 

COVID19 volunteer/donation sign up form

OUR CURRENT FOCUS: Masks, T-Shirt Yarn and Fabric

For the next couple weeks, we will help ETSU Health clinics collect fabric masks for patients. We have estimated the need at around 150 masks per day. Patients will be able to keep the masks, which not only will help the clinics, but the region as well. Double masking (patient and provider) greatly decreases virus transmission.

We will list suggested patterns below, but we are open to all ideas regarding patterns, especially if you are already comfortable with a particular pattern! We are aiming for patterns that include the following: a pocket in which a user can insert a filter, cloth ties instead of elastic ties, and, if possible, the ability to remove the metal nosepiece and re-insert it as needed. If you have a preferred pattern that you'd like to share with the group, just let us know! We aim to not use items that are becoming difficult to source, such as elastic or non-woven interfacing, in order to reduce headaches for our volunteers. As we move forward, we'd like to keep tabs on each volunteer's preferred pattern, so that if the ability for us to pre-cut fabric arises, we can tailor each sewing kit to your needs. Once you've decided on a preferred pattern type, simply email me to let me know.

  • You are a sewer or have a sewing machine
    here are links to our favorite patterns

    Duckbill Pattern (Type C with Pocket and Nose Wire) from Craft Passion:
    Facebook Group for Craft Passion Pattern (contains helpful tips):
    Pleated Mask:
    Facebook Group for Sweet Red Poppy Pattern:
    Hybrid Pattern (mix of several pattern)

  • You don't sew but you want to help making masks
    - You can make this Quick Cut T-shirt Face Covering (no sew method) from Jan Howell at
    - You can help us tremendously by donating 100% tight weave cotton fabric or other sewing materials. 
    - You can help us make t-shirt yarn so we don't use as much of our precious fabric How to make T-shirt yarn

  • Sewing Kits:
    Some of you have indicated that you have your own fabric to sew with, and we thank you! For all members (regardless of whether you already have a stash or not), we are offering sewing kits to assist with mask making. Each kit contains the following items: 2 yards of tight weave cotton fabric, 15 metal nose piece inserts, a bias tape maker, which were donated by another volunteer, local 3D Printer Scott Wells.

    If you would like to have a sewing kit dropped off at your door, please send us your address and we will arrange for delivery.

  • If you would like to pick up a sewing kit, please email us to let us know.

  • Questions
    Victoria Stabile
    Phone 423-212-1290

  • Once your mask is done
    Finished masks should be washed and placed in a sealed Ziploc/plastic bag (including those you already have finished prior to receiving this email, regardless of the pattern you've used) can be collected in the following ways:
    - Picked up from your home - please email us with an address once finished, and we will arrange for pick-up.
    - Dropped off at the ETSU Health building (we ask that you wear a mask if dropping off items at ETSU Health). Items should be given to the front desk and noted to be for Dr. Marty Olsen, ETSU Physicians, 325 N. State of Franklin, Johnson City, TN 37604 (please write your name on the bag so we can keep track of received masks).

  • Thank you!
    We want to celebrate each of you and keep our community aware of your hard work! We would LOVE to see photos of your masks, your home sewing set-up, and you! If you are comfortable with sending us photos that we can publicly post on our website and social media pages, please email them to us at



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