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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

General Program Information

The Master of Science in Biology, with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences, is to prepare students to do research in industry, academia, or a clinical environment. Students can work with any of the faculty in Biological Sciences or may be accepted into the laboratories of College of Medicine faculty. It also prepares students that may want to enroll in an MD/PhD program. It may be of interest to students who have performed well enough for graduate school admissions but are not fully prepared for medical school admissions and want to take additional graduate level course work to improve their critical thinking skills through an intense research experience in pure or applied biomedical sciences. In order to receive full consideration, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all materials by February 1 (for fall admission) and July 1 (for spring admission).


Core Requirements

  • Two of the following courses, at least one of which must be in Biom:
    • Biol 5100 - Cell/Molecular Biology
    • Biol 5200 - Organismal Biology
    • Biol 5300 - Ecology/Evolution
    • Biol 5400 - Systematic Biology
    • Biom 6010 - Biomedical Science I: Molecular Organization of Cells
    • Biol 6020 - Biomedical Science II: Gene Expression and Regulation
  • Biol 5500 - Biometry
  • Biol 5600 - Bibliographic Research (must be taken the first fall semester)
  • Biol 5700 - Seminar (students are required to take this course for two semesters, but are expected to attend departmental seminars on a regular basis, regardless of enrollment in the course)
  • Biol 5960 - Thesis OR Hsci 5960 - Thesis

Elective Requirements

  • 15 Credit hours of graduate courses at the discretion of the student's graduate committee




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