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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 4 PM in Brown Hall Room 304.

 For more information contact:

To download the schedule click here

Date Speaker Presentation Title


Joey Shaw, Department of Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science, Univ of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Digitizing Tennessee’s Herbarium Collections Will Expand Their Support of Research, Teaching, and Service

9/13/2017 Lev Yampolsky, Department of Biological Sciences, ETSU

Lipidomics, Membrane Fluidity, and Thermal Acclimation in Daphnia


9/20/2017 Wesley J. Bicha, Oak Ridge National Laboratory An Overview of the Mecoptera

Julian Campbell, Bluegrass Woodland Restoration Center, Lexington, KY



Natalia Toporikova, Department of Biology, Washington and Lee University

Regulation of Rhythmic Prolactin Secretion: Combined Mathematical and Experimental Study
10/11/2017 Matt Palmatier, Department of Psychology, ETSU

If Rats Could Smoke Cigarettes, They Probably Would

 10/18/2017 Owoseni Emmanuel Seun, Graduate Student, Health Sciences The Alcohol Liver Disease Mechanism

Amanda Smith, Graduate Student, Biomedical Sciences

The Role of the Nucleus Accumbens and Ventral Pallidum in Nicotine Self-Administration
10/25/2017 Loren D. Hayes, Department of Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science, Univ of Tennessee at Chattanooga Costly Breeding: Why Do Females Breed Plurally?
11/1/2017 Anna L. Johnson, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

Impacts of Invasive Species on Pollination Services in a Diverse Island Ecosystem

11/8/2017 Abigail Hughes, Graduate Student, Health Sciences Identification of Potential Regulators of the RsmA/Y/Z System in P. aeruginosa
  Ian Miller, Graduate Student, Health Science RNA Stem Loop Controlling RsmA Expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
11/15/2017 Bal Krishna Chand Thakuri, PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences Significance of SIR2-like Deacetylase Enzymes in Biotic Stress
 11/29/2017 Ashley DeGroat, Graduate Student, Health Sciences

The Effect of Alcohol on Adipose Tissue




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