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*** Click on the Facebook link (on the Home page) for videos, commentary and the most current update - you can also ask questions or check the FAQ page. ***


To our Eagle Camera Viewers - Please be aware of several things:

  • The Johnson City eagle nest and the Bluff City eagle nest are on private property and anyone entering the property without the permission of the property owner is trespassing and subject to prosecution.
  • The Bald Eagle is protected by state and federal law and it is unlawful to approach or disturb an active Bald Eagle’s nest, eagle chicks or the nesting adults.  The Johnson City nest is now active with the two adults working daily to rebuild the nest and are present at the nest on a daily basis.
  •  Out of respect for our eagles and for the million viewers around the world who we are providing live-streaming for, please enjoy them from a great distance or from our live-stream on your computer or mobile device.



  • 10/1/2018  The Johnson City pair began rebuilding the nest on 9/22/2018.  Normally the eagles do not return to the nest until late November, but this amazing pair has arrived early and have been working every day to fix their nest.  The baffle to deter the raccoons from having access to the nest will be added when the eagles are away from the tree.  Dr. Alsop and his team will travel this week to Bluff City to scout out the location for the new nest and move the cameras soon afterwards.  Be sure to check the Facebook link to see pictures of the restoration and watch the live cameras to see these amazing eagles.


  • In Memoriam: Frances Morrell                                                                                             May 2018 

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of Frances Morrel on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.   Frances was the landowner for the pair of nesting Bald Eagles that we live-streamed from her Bluff City property the last two nesting seasons.  When we approached her with the request to live-stream her eagles she immediately and enthusiastically agreed to be part of our team.  Frances was not only the landlord for the Bluff City eagles, but also a treasured supporter who annually contributed to our eagle nest fund.   When viewers were asked to name our parent eagles, they overwhelmingly agreed that they should have no other names than Frances and Eugene (Eugene was Frances’ late husband.)

Kevin Brooks and I had the opportunity to visit her within the last two weeks and found her still excited about the eagles and happy to have been able to help share them with the world.  Her birds moved to a new nest site in November 2017.  Once the cameras are installed at the new site, we will be able to watch Frances and Eugene once again.   We are grateful for the opportunity to have known such a beautiful spirit.  Frances was a fine person who loved her eagles.  She will be missed.  -  Dr. Fred Alsop

  • 2/7/2018  For the first time ever- there are now 3 eggs with the Johnson City nest!  Dr. Alsop spoke with WJHL News Channel 11 about the eagles:   


  • 2/4/2018 Superbowl Sunday and the second egg!  The Johnson City pair now has two eggs - looking forward to the eggs hatching in early March.First Egg of 2018 JC


  • 2/1/2018 Earliest egg to date! The Johnson City nest has the first egg of the season. We are expecting another one in the next few days. Incubation is 35 - 38 days and hatching is expected the second week of March.


  • 1/9/2018 Cameras are livestreaming year round now! This year will be the first the cameras are continuous throughout the year.


  • 11/21/2017 Bluff City Camera – Raccoons were in the Bluff City nest and by the time the department was able to put up baffle to deter the raccoons it was too late. The eagles started another nest and abandoned the original site. The new homeowners have been contacted and cameras will be added in the summer 2018. The department is hopeful a red-tailed hawk or great horned owl will take over the nest.  
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