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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

2 permanent forest plots.

20 meters X 20 meters.

140 trees.



What is an EREN Plot?
An EREN plot is a permanent forest plot through which to collect data and to model carbon sequestration.  The plots are 400 squared meters and occur in two locations within University Woods, one plot is an edge plot and the other is an interior plot.  These tree plots are a part of a scientific network called the Ecological Research as Education Network or EREN. Click here to learn more about EREN
About this learning module
Undergraduate biology students utilize the EREN plots to study carbon sequestration. In the field, students measure the DBH (diameter of breast height) of each tree within the plot.  They use this data to predict the amount of carbon the plot will uptake each year and examine the outcome in relation to carbon emitting activities such as driving. 



Ecological Research as Education Network



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