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Center for Appalachian Studies and Services

College of Arts and Sciences

Mission, Commitments, Goals



The Center for Appalachian Studies and Services documents and showcases Appalachia's past, celebrates its cultural heritage, and promotes an understanding of the influences that shape its identity.




  • To be a premier Appalachian Resource

  • To honor Appalachia's diverse culture and tradition, but not be bound by it.

  • To engage and challenge all constituents, and each other, on a deep level.




  • To document and showcase the story of Appalachia through archival and museum collections and Center-wide programming.

  • To provide students with the tools, techniques, and information that foster creativity and growth through the advancement of Appalachian educational initiatives at all levels.

  • To affirm the power of regional culture in today's world through community outreach programs that raise
    questions and issues.

  • To promote an understanding of the breadth and complexity of Appalachian culture through the support and dissemination of scholarly research on the Appalachian region.







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