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Department of Literature and Language


The two primary composition courses at ETSU are ENGL 1010 and ENGL 1020. Both courses encourage you to develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that you can use in all of your coursework at ETSU. 

ENGL 1010 - Critical Reading and Expository Writing

Catalog Entry:Writing paragraphs and essays based on close readings of various texts, with an emphasis on clear, grammatically correct expository prose. Students must take this course during the first eligible semester at the university. Students must earn a grade of “C” or above to pass this course. 

ENGL 1020 - Critical Thinking and Argumentation

Catalog Entry: Prerequisites: ENGL 1010 or equivalent. Writing essays based on critical analyses of various literary texts. Emphasis on sound argumentative techniques. Requires documented research paper. Students must earn a grade of “C” or above to pass this course. 


Currently, you are able to enroll in special sections of ENGL 1020 that reflect different interest areas. The course descriptions are as follows:

  • English 1020: Cultural Expression will explore facets of high culture and popular culture.
  • English 1020: Civic Engagement will explore the workings of social groups and institutions.
  • English 1020: Scientific Exploration will explore the implications of scientific and technical advancements in the everyday world.

These courses are open to students of any major.

Learn more about these courses.

Other Writing Courses

ENGL 3130 - Advanced Composition

Catalog Entry: Prerequisites: ENGL 1020. Skills of exposition with emphasis on traditional grammatical principles, and methods of organizing reviews, articles, and sketches.

ENGL 3134 - Computers, Writing, and Literature

Catalog Entry: Prerequisites: ENGL 1020. An introduction to uses of computers in writing and literature, including document design and publishing on computers, interactive fiction and poetry, and Internet resources for literary study.

ENGL 4100 - Writing in the Professions

Catalog Entry: Prerequisites: ENGL 1020. Study of and practice in writing appropriate to professional settings reports, proposals, and letters, including conventions of electronic discourse.





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Department Policies 

For more information about course policies, please see the Departmental Policies page that is part of this site. Pay close attention to the attendance policy and the grading policy.


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