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Film Studies Minor

Department of Literature and Language


Can Film Studies classes apply to both my English major and my Film Studies minor?

No. In consultation with their advisors, English majors need to determine whether the classes satisfying Film Studies requirements will count towards either that minor or the English major. It may be the case, for example, that a student takes "Film Genres" more than once, deciding to apply one course towards the English major and the other towards the Film Studies minor.

Can Film Studies students take film courses more than once?

Students may take the film classes ENGL 4290 "Film Genres," ENGL 4340 "Topics in Film," and ENGL 4507/5507 "Literature in Film" more than once only if the subject matter of the course changes. For example, a student could take ENGL 4290 "Film Genres: Musical Comedy" one semester and "Film Genres: Documentary" the next without there being conflict; the student would get credit for having taken both classes. Retaking other classes, where subject matter does not change, will result in a record of the grade earned in the last attempt in the class.

How early in my student career may I take Film Studies courses?

Prospective Film Studies minors should consult their catalogs, since all the classes have prerequisites. Film Studies courses in English, for example, are all upper-division courses with the requirement that students have completed their first-year composition series of courses.

There's a history course about film I want to take. Can it apply to my minor?

With the approval of the Film Studies Committee, additional special topics courses may be counted in the minor; however, no courses counting toward the student's major may be counted toward satisfying the minor's requirements. Before taking the course you are considering, please contact Dr. Matthew Holtmeier () or Dr. Chelsea Wessels ().

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