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Southern Appalachian Student Conference on Literature

Department of Literature and Language


Just who is eligible to participate in this conference?

The Southern Appalachian Student Conference on Literature welcomes upperclassmen undergraduate and graduate students to participate in our conference. Our intent in establishing this conference has been to present an accessible, affordable professional experience for students pursuing interests in literature, but we are by no means limiting our invitation to students in the southern Appalachian area. Our conference is also cross-disciplinary, so undergraduates who are not English majors are welcome to submit their work about literature.

Must my paper be about Appalachian literature?

We welcome submissions about all kinds of literature; our conference is "southern Appalachian" only as a geographic designation. We hope to receive submissions addressing a wide range of regions, genres, and traditions.

Will I be welcome at the conference if I do not wish to present a paper?

We realize that some students new to presenting papers at a conference would like to bring along friends for moral support, so we welcome people who wish to attend and not present.

How much is membership in SASCOL?

There is no "membership" in SASCOL; there is no registration for the conference.

If I have more questions, what should I do?

E-mail us. Contact Joshua Reid at  or Thomas Alan Holmes at . We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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