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Southern Appalachian Student Conference on Literature

Department of Literature and Language


SASCOL 2017 Schedule of Events: April 8

Unless noted, all events take place on the 3rd Floor of D. P. Culp University Center

8:15-8:45 a.m.: Registration and Refreshments

8:45 a.m.: Conference Welcome

Concurrent Session 1                    9:00-10:20 a.m.

Panel A:  American Poetry                 Meeting Room 1 (303)

Chair:  Dr. Jesse Graves

  • Adam Swift (Undergrad, ETSU), “Different Directions, Distinctly American: Innovations of Robert Frost & e. e. cummings”
  • Harley Russell (Undergrad, ETSU), “Satire within Twentieth Century American Poetry”
  • Blaine Boles (Undergrad, ETSU), “Trickle-Down-Poetics: The Conservative Impulse in T. S. Eliot’s Poetry”
  • Elizabeth Chapman (Undergrad, ETSU), “The Angel in the Ink Well, Diving Below the Surface: A Feminist Analysis of Adrienne Rich and Sharon Olds”

Panel B:  Spirituality and Literature                        Meeting Room 2 (304)

Chair: Dr. Daniel Westover

  • Alexandria Craft (Grad, ETSU), “A Sense of Seeking within Poetry: The References and Recreations of God in Geoffrey Hill, R. S. Thomas, and Ted Hughes”
  • Sarah Berryman (Undergrad, ETSU), “What Will Remain? A Journey through the Transformative Mindset of Religion with Christina Rossetti and Philip Larkin"
  • Gabe Cameron (Grad, ETSU), “‘Photographs on the Wrong Side of Your Eyes’: Spirituality Through Time and the Poetic Imagination of Memory in the Works of Carol Ann Duffy”

Panel C:  Milton                             Meeting Room 3 (305)

Chair:  Dr. Joshua Reid

  • Abby Lewis (Undergrad, ETSU), “Ask and You Shall Receive: The Pathway to Demanding Knowledge in Paradise Lost
  • Lindsey King (Undergrad, ETSU), “Sound Symbolism in Milton’s Descriptions of Paradise”
  • Brooke Johnson (Undergrad, ETSU), “A Destabilizing of Pure Love: The Reader’s Moral Dilemma in Paradise Lost
  • Karissa Doughty (Undergrad, ETSU), “The Rebellion of Poetry: Milton as Satan”

Concurrent Session 2                    10:30 a.m.-11:50 a.m.

Panel D: Literature and Film                           Meeting Room 1 (303)

Chair:  Dr. Michael Briggs

  • Sidney Blevins (Undergrad, ETSU), “Convergences and Divergences in Strangers on a Train"
  • Jared Smith (Undergrad, ETSU), “Frank Miller’s Sin City: Lost in Translation”
  • Tucker Foster (Undergrad, ETSU), “Milton and Science Fiction: A Legacy”

Panel E: H. P. Lovecraft and the Gothic Tradition                Meeting Room 2 (304)

Chair:  Dr. Michael Cody

  • Britani Golden (Grad, ETSU), “Influences of the Underworld: Dracula Son of the Devil”
  • Luke Baugher (Grad, ETSU), “Religion: A Gothic Institution with Anti-GothicTendencies”
  • Rachel Maynard (Grad, ETSU), “Outsiders Looking In: Ancestry, Alterity, and Antiquity in ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’ and Oral History

Panel F: Early Modern Drama                     Meeting Room 3 (305)

Chair:  Dr. Fred Waage

  • Rebecca Delaney Pierce (Undergrad, ETSU), “Multicultural Magic in Doctor Faustus: Good and Evil Angels”
  • Blakeleigh Mathes (Undergrad, King University), “The Different Shades of Lady Macbeth”
  • Kelci Barton (Undergrad, ETSU), “Paying for His Sins: Connecting Doctor Faustus and Inferno
  • Chris Price (Undergrad, ETSU), “Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and the Sins of His Demise”

Concurrent Session 3                    1:00-2:20 p.m.

Panel G:  Literature, Society, and Nation                       Meeting Room 1 (303)

Chair:  Dr. Erin Kingsley

  • Bradley Hartsell (Grad, ETSU), “Terms of Endearment: America’s Violent Culture Reimagined in Sweden through Roseanna
  • Erica Seals (Undergrad, King University), “The American Dream”
  • Ashley Peltack (Undergrad, UNC-Asheville), “‘The Seductive Reduction’ of India: Colonial, Missionary, and Educative Pursuits in Jane Eyre
  • Lucas Gentry (Undergrad, King University), “Consumerism and Death in DeLillo’s White Noise

Panel H:  Ecocriticism                       Meeting Room 2 (304)

Chair:  Dr. Kevin O'Donnell

  • Carly Stolzfus (Undergrad, Milligan College), “A Room of Love, A Room of Suffering: Nature and Well-being in Hannah Coulter and Hawk’s Nest
  • Rebeca Gonzalez-Farias (Undergrad, Milligan College), “Severed Ties: An Ecofeminist Analysis of the Reconciliation of Educational Perspectives in Wendell Berry’s Hannah Coulter and Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior
  • Sarah Collie (Undergrad, Milligan College), “Reinterpreting Ownership in Feminist Spaces: Partnering with Nature in Hannah Coulter and Flight Behavior
  • Aramis Martinez (Grad, Western Carolina University), “From Salvation to Destruction: Examining the Ecocritical and Economic Usage of Mushrooms and Fungi in The Road and The Last of Us

Panel I:  Medieval Literature                        Meeting Room 3 (305)

Chair:  Dr. Thomas Crofts

  • Kris Fulp (Grad, Western Carolina University), “‘Al was this land fulfild of fayerye’: Chaucer, Nature, and the Land of Faerie”
  • Sarah Wolfe (Grad, ETSU), “From Paganism to Christianity in Iceland: Gudrun Ósvífsdóttir in Laxdaela saga
  • Kelley Reid (Undergrad, ETSU), “The Green Knight and the Spirit of Dionysus”

Panel J:  Genre Bending                      Forum (311)

Chair:  Dr. Phyllis Thompson

  • Chelsea Gilbert (Grad, ETSU), “A Different Sort of Monsters: An Argument for Fielding’s Joseph Andrews as Horror Film”
  • Amanda Sawyers (Grad, ETSU), “‘But I’m turning to my verses’: Examining Poetry, Popular Culture, and Personal Experiences through the Lens of Mad Men and Frank O’Hara”
  • Tyler A. Saunders (Undergrad, Appalachian State University), “Rural Queer Spaces in Literature: Finding Home in Dorothy Allison’s Trash and Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home

Concurrent Session 4                 2:30-3:50 p.m.

Panel K:  Literature and Philosophy                  Meeting Room 1 (303)

Chair:  Dr. Erin Kingsley

  • Rachel Utnage (Undergrad, Western Carolina University), “The Existential Concern of the Absurd and Its Solution of Revolt: An Approach to Modern-Day Human Value Through the Philosophical Literature of Albert Camus”
  • Andrew Barnes (Undergrad, ETSU), “The Fight for Knowledge and the Ability to Choose in Paradise Lost and Areopagitica
  • Emily Williams McElroy (Undergrad, ETSU), “Metaphors and Relationships at the End of the World”
  • Courteney Barnes-Anderson (Undergrad, King University), “Feminists of the Romantic Period Contributing to the Discussion of Gender Roles”

Panel L: Victorian Literature                   Meeting Room 2 (304)

Chair:  Dr. David Michael Jones

  • Kelsey Kiser (Grad, ETSU), “‘At least you shall have some comfortable food’: The Social Symbolism of Food in 19th Century British Novels”
  • Jarred Cadwallader (Undergrad, ETSU), “Evolution of Victorian Deaths”
  • Allison Parker (Undergrad, Austin Peay State University), “Gothic Time in Jane Eyre
  • Justin Reid (Undergrad, ETSU), “Mrs. Warren’s Profession: The New Woman and Subverting Societal Expectations of the Victorian Period”

Panel M:  From Romanticism to Naturalism: Opposing Perspectives in 19th Century Spanish Literature                     Meeting Room 3 (305)

Chair:  Dr. Isabel Gómez Sobrino

  • Olivia Short (Undergrad, ETSU),  “The ‘New Woman’ in Emilia Pardo Bazán’s ‘Las medias rojas’”
  • Sarah Seal (Undergrad, ETSU), “Finding Inspiration in Darkness: The Exploration of Obscurity in Romanticism through the Works of Lord Byron and Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer”

Panel N:  NASCAR and Literature                    Forum (311)

Chair:  Dr. Thomas Alan Holmes

  • Kara Russell (Grad, ETSU), “‘Good Country People’ in Pole Position: NASCAR Culture as Contemporary Southern Gothic”
  • Seth Grindstaff (Grad, ETSU), “How the West Stole NASCAR and Literature”
  • Adam Timbs (Grad, ETSU), “The Intimidator, the Trickster, the American Legend: The Legacy of Dale Earnhardt as Perpetuation of Archetypal Myth”
  • Terri Simerly (Grad, ETSU), “Balzac of the Racetrack: A Dandy in the Driver’s Seat”

4:00-5:30 p.m.  Keynote, Awards, and Reception

Reece Museum

Keynote Address:  Dr. Daniel Helbert, University of Virginia-Wise, “Premodern Environmental Humanities: Or, How Literary Studies Can Save the World”

Student Achievement in Essay Awards Presentation

Book and Gift Card Drawings for Session Attendees

Exhibit:  Salvador Dali's Illustrations to Dante's Purgatorio



Dining Close to the ETSU Campus (A Short List)

Acoustic Coffeehouse: A warm, bohemian atmosphere that provides a good place to meet friends after work, the Acoustic Coffeehouse is a favorite watering hole for faculty members in the Literature and Language Department. Nice selection of import and local brews on tap. Bar food available, including many vegetarian selections. Music venue in the evenings.

Barbaritos: A franchise specialty shop that offers TexMex burritos filled with fresh ingredients, Barbaritos offers tasty, filling food at a modest price.

El Charolais Mexican Taqueria: Authentic Mexican and a favorite with members of the ETSU Literature and Language Department. Try the Fish Taco or Chile Colorado; hearty vegetarian cuisine such as the Spinach Enchilada satisfies even the most dedicated carnivore in the group, too.

Poor Richard's On Campus: Poor Richard's is an institution in Johnson City and, some say, serves the best sweet tea in the Tri-Cities. It is a favorite bar/deli hangout just next door to the ETSU. Lots of college atmosphere.

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