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Theatre and Dance

College of Arts and Sciences

Theatre Minor

For an up to date Theatre Minor Checklist see Degree Works!

Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours

Take both of the following:    
THEA 2510 Acting I 3.0
THEA 2530 Dramatic Structure 3.0
Three Hours Chosen From:    
THEA 1520 Stagecraft I 3.0
THEA 1530 Stagecraft II 3.0
Three Hours Chosen From:    
 THEA 3520 Theatre History I 3.0
 THEA 3525 Theatre History II 3.0

Elective Credits:
Nine Hours Chosen From:
Any THEA and DANC prefix.
At least 6 of these hours must be taken at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Please note: THEA 1030 does NOT count toward Theatre Minor requirements.

Theatre Minor: 21 Credit Hours 


Dance Minor
For an up to date Dance Minor Checklist see Degree Works!

Our program offers a wide variety of opportunities for anyone interested in dance -- from beginning enthusiast to advanced dancer. Our curriculum engages students in the exploration of dance as a cultural phenomenon, physical discipline, social activity, and performing art. Students have the opportunity to take courses in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, aerial (silks and low flying trapeze), musical theatre, ballroom, composition, improvisation, dance history, performance and production. We teach students the creative and technical skills essential to the artistic process of dance, supply them with knowledge of the dance discipline, and provide experiences and activities for all who love dance.

The Department of Theatre and Dance is an institutional member of both the American College Dance Festival Association and Tennessee Association of Dance; dance students regularly attend and perform at these and other conferences. In addition, our program produces an annual dance concert and student dance composition showcase. Check out our Auditions page for more information!

We are committed to providing performance opportunities for students both on and off campus. Most recently, the ETSU Dance Theatre Ensemble traveled to Northern Kentucky University and premiered three dances: A Line in the Sand, The Physics of a Teardrop, and Get Me There, choreographed by Professor Cara Harker and members of the ETSU Dance Theatre Ensemble (a group of dance students invited yearly to perform at off campus venues). Travel was sponsored by the Department of Theatre and Dance and the Honors College at ETSU.

Dance minors also have the opportunity to audition for ETSU's resident modern dance company, Mountain Movers. Contact Mountain Movers artistic director, for more information on becoming a member.

The Department of Theatre and Dance proudly supports the ETSU student club, Dance Marathon . Members of Dance Marathon at ETSU spend each year raising funds and interacting with Children's Miracle Network Hospital patients and their families. Each year of work will conclude with a 12-40 hour long celebration where the students stay on their feet through dancing, games, and entertainment. The organization will donate 100% of the funds raised directly to their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

Beginner courses are offered, so no dance experience is required to minor in dance. Students entering the minor with previous dance training can forgo beginner level courses and be permitted into Intermediate/Advanced level courses. Contact Professor for details.

Course Number Course Title  Credit Hours
Twelve Hours Chosen From:
at least one taken at a 3000+ level
Technical Skill & Movement Theory
DANC 2105 Ballet I 3.0
DANC 2125 Jazz Dance I 3.0
DANC 2130 Modern Dance I 3.0
DANC 2135 Ballroom Dance I 3.0
DANC 2140 Aerial Dance I 3.0
DANC 2150 Tap Dance I 3.0
DANC 3105 Ballet II 3.0
DANC 3125 Jazz Dance II 3.0
DANC 3130 Modern Dance II 3.0
DANC 3135 Ballroom Dance II 3.0
DANC 3140 Aerial Dance II 3.0
DANC 3150 Tap Dance II 3.0
DANC 4000 Advanced Dance Techniques 3.0
Three Hours Chosen From:  Historical and Cultural Aspects of Dance   
DANC 3510 Dance History 3.0
THEA 3535 Musical Theatre History 3.0
Three Hours Chosen From: Creative Process    
 DANC 3525 Dance Improvisation 3.0
 DANC 3530 Dance Composition 3.0
Three Hours Chosen From: Performance & Production    
DANC 3505 Musical Theatre Dance 3.0
DANC 3520 Dance Repertory for Performance 3.0
THEA 2525 Stage Makeup 3.0
THEA 3335 Lighting Design 3.0
THEA 3345 Costume Design 3.0

Dance Minors: 21 Credit Hours 

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