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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

College of Education

Elementary Education K-5

Elementary Education (K-5) is designed for undergraduate students interested in becoming educators for kindergarten through 5th grade.

Students in this program are eligible for licensure as K-5 teachers after admission to Teacher Education, successful completion of specific courses, construction of a professional portfolio, participation in professional field work, passing a criminal background check and meeting all state testing requirements.

Renee Rice Moran

 Dr. Renee Rice Moran

Program Coordinator
Phone: (423) 439-7910
Office 409F Warf-Pickel Hall

Within the conceptual framework of the Clemmer College and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the teacher preparation program for Elementary Education is designed to educate "Teachers as Instructional Leaders." The philosophical base for this theme is best explained by the following set of purpose statements endorsed by the Elementary Education faculty. The purposes are:

  • to facilitate the learning and development of prospective teachers as they grow in their ability to promote the learning and development of children;
  • to establish a linkage of personal and professional development that is intended to assist students in internalizing ideas about learning and development; and
  • to foster the professional development of students with their own philosophies and appropriate pedagogical practices.

The Elementary Education program is evolving as a performance-based program aligned with standards that have been developed at the national level by professional organizations and learned societies. These standards enhance the philosophy, purposes and assumptions within the curriculum of the major in Elementary Education. The faculty of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction has adopted the following performance-based standards for the Elementary Education program. All students who select Elementary Education as a major area of study are expected to:

  • understand, demonstrate and apply the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline(s) he or she teaches and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for students;
  • understand how children learn and develop, and provide learning opportunities that support their intellectual, social and personal development;
  • know how students differ in their approaches to learning and create instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners;
  • use a variety of instructional strategies to encourage students' development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills;
  • use individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation;
  • demonstrate knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom;
  • demonstrate knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals in the planning of instruction;
  • use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social and physical development of the learner;
  • demonstrate reflective practice by continually evaluating the effects of his/her choices and actions on others (students, parents, the learning community) and by actively seeking out opportunities to grow professionally; and
  • foster relationships with school colleagues, parents, and agencies in the larger community to support students' learning and well being

Students pursuing a degree in Elementary Education (K-5) must receive initial advisement through the Office of Student Services located in the Clemmer College (321 Warf-Pickel Hall). This office will establish the student's initial file, evaluate any previous coursework for applicability to Teacher Education requirements, and assist the student with initial program planning. (See Advisement to contact this office.)

When the student fulfills the initial criteria for admission to Teacher Education, he/she will complete the application for the Teacher Education Admission Board Interview. Once the student has passed the admission board interview and been formally admitted to Teacher Education, he/she will be assigned an advisor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. The student will meet with his/her advisor to plan the rest of the program of study, which culminates in a semester-long full-time student teaching experience.

Students who declare Education as a major will meet with an advisor in the Clemmer College Advisement Services who will help them plan the completion of a core curriculum. Once admitted to Teacher Education, students will be assigned a departmental advisor who will see them through the completion of their program. The requirements of the Elementary Education (K-5) program include course work, clinical experience, construction of a professional portfolio, and a semester of Residency.

Elementary Education K-5 Program of Study

Elementary Education 4-Year Plan

Please refer to the Clemmer College Forms and Applications page in order to access Programs of Study from previous catalog years, as this Program of Study is for students listed in the most recent catalog year.


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