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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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Tennessee Science Teachers 2017 conference

2017 TSTA Conference and Development Institute

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Interactive Notebooks and 5E Learning Cycles
Aligned to the New TNSES for Grades 3-5

November 9, 2017


Laura Robertson, Assistant Professor Science Education, ETSU
Andrea Lowery, 4th Grade Instructor, ETSU University School
Kayla Knupp, K-6 Pre-Service Teacher, ETSU
Emma Martindale, K-6 Pre-Service Teacher, ETSU
Savannah White, K-6 Pre-Service Teacher, ETSU

These interactive notebooks are aligned to the new Tennessee Science Education Standards and were created by pre-service teachers at ETSU during the spring semester of 2017. The notebooks contain a mix of original materials and materials cited from other sources.


 Interactive Notebooks for Tennessee Science Education Standards


3.ESS2   "The Water Cycle" by Madeline Wolfe

3.PS2.1   "The Relationship of Magnets" by Morgan Chambers

3.LS2.1   "Animal Groups" by Lauren Madon

3.PS1.1 "Phases of Matter" by Sean Frost

3.LS1.1   "Internal and External Structures of Plants and Animals" by Amanda Drinnon

3.ESS2.3  "Weather Tools" by Whitney Beeler

3.LS1.1   "Molecules to Organisms" by Laura Stanton

4.PS.4.3 "Waves and Technology" by Emma Martindale

4.ESS2.2  "Patterns in Earth's Features" by Savannah Caldwell

4.ESS3.2 "Human Activity Affecting the Earth" by Allison Ball

4.ETS2.2   "Criteria, Constraints & Multiple Solutions" by Suzanne Watson

4.LS2.3 "Ecosystems: Producers, Consumers and Decomposers" by Jessa Williams

4.PS4.1 "Waves" by Kayla Knupp

4.ESS1.1 "Erosion and Weathering" by Makenzie Linebaugh

4.LS2.3 "Ecosystems/Food Webs and Energy" by Madison Ownby

4.ESS3.1 "Natural Resources" by Sarah Boone

4.LS2.2 "Models of movement of Energy in Food Chain" by Katy (Emily) Fleming
5.ESS1.4  "Earth, Sun and Moon Relationships" by Kaycee Ford

5.LS3.2  "Heredity, Variance and Inheritance of Traits" by Lauren Martin

5.PS2.1   "Forces" by Jessica Moret

5.LS4.2 "Survival and Reproduction" by Jordan Rush

5.LS3.1  "Heredity, Variation and Inheritance of Traits" by Caitlin Johnson

5ESS1.7   "Presence and Location of Fossils in Rock Strata" by Leia Brown

5.ESS1.2 "Earth's Position in the Universe" by David Mitchell

5.ESS1.3 "Physical Properties and Motion of: COMETS,

5.PS1.4 "Matter and Its Interactions" by Brooke Clawson

5PS2.5 "Forces (Test Track)" by Courtney Burgess

5.PS1.3 "Matter and Its Interactions (Dissolving)" by Molly Jones

5.LS1.1 "Animal Behavior (Instinctual Responses) by Josh Barton

5.PS2.3 "The Direction Gravity Pulls" by Samantha Crusenberry

5.PS2.4 "Mass, Distance, and Gravity" by Rachel Wallace

5.PS1.1 "Solid, Liquid & Gas: Phase Changes, Temperature,
and Physical Properties" by Megan Fugate



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