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Residency Programs

Family Medicine



Kathy Kunisch

Kathy Kunisch

Graduate Medical Education Coordinator

Phone: 423-439-6618

 ♦ Residency program support
 ♦ Accreditation
 ♦ Resident contracts
 ♦ Rotation agreements
 ♦ J-1 Visas
 ♦ Budgets
 ♦ Resident issues
 ♦ New innovations
 ♦ ERAS and NRMP match
 ♦ Chief residents


Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Graduate Medical Education Assistant

Phone: 423-439-4684

 ♦ Centralized GME activities
 ♦ Recruitment
 ♦ AAFP National Conference
 ♦ Graduation
 ♦ Chief resident support
 ♦ Visiting student support
 ♦ ERAS and NRMP match
 ♦ Website support


Susan Gardner

Susan Gardner

Executive Aide

Phone: 423-439-6458

 ♦ Resident data bases and permanent records
 ♦ Timesheets, leave requests,
 ♦ Licenses, memberships
 ♦ Rotation agreements
 ♦ Elective rotations
 ♦ Requisitions, travel requests, calendars
 ♦ Surveys, reports, record keeping
 ♦ Centralized GME activity support

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