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College of Public Health

Student Internship Contributes to Novel State-wide Report . . . and a Job
Adam Jarvis, a recent BSPH graduate, helped to complete a remarkable project, during his internship, which
resulted in a job with the Tennessee Department of Health.

While working with the Tennessee Department of Health, Adam worked as a member of the team that developedthe "Drive Your County to Top Ten" report. The Drive report frames, for each of Tennessee's 95 counties, a key improvement strategy for each of the 34health measures that come from the County Health Rankings. Adam reported that he was responsible for condensing the raw data from the County Health Rankings andassigning a ranking to each of Tennessee's 95 counties. He also helped to develop the template that wasultimately used for the report. He worked with the overall team to develop the individual county reports. Adam describes his internship as ". . .a phenomenal experience." He adds that he was "able to apply many of thecompetencies that I had been taught through the College of Public Health curriculum and display my knowledgeand abilities. This experience gave me valuable, real-world, hands-on training . . ."

Adam's preceptor, Vincent Pinkney, Deputy Director, Division of Policy, Planning & Assessment for the TennesseeDepartment of Health said "Adam Jarvis was essential to helping the team troubleshoot, problem solve and derivethe methodology. . . {his} diligence and passion to help our team translate a national report into a useful local levelreport was key in helping to steer the Drive Report to completion." He added that Adam "brought a positiveenergy for making a difference and for converting public health knowledge into real world application that hasenergized and inspired {the staff}."

The best news for all concerned? Adam recently began his career as a Customer Engagement Coordinator with theTennessee Department of Health.
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