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Bucky's Food Pantry

East Tennessee State University


Everything you need to know about Bucky's Food Pantry, but forgot to ask is answered here.

Who does Bucky's serve?
What can I get at Bucky's?
How does Bucky's Food Pantry work?
Where is Bucky's located?
When is Bucky's open?
Who started the Bucky's Food Pantry?

Why was Bucky's started?
When was Bucky's established?


Bucky's Food Pantry is unique in that it serves students, staff, and faculty, the whole of ETSU's community. Food pantries at other universities and colleges only serve students. And for good reasons: Students need all the help they can get while they're in college earning degrees to set them up for future success in their careers. However, our staff and faculty at ETSU are food insecure, too. Staff and faculty at ETSU are the lowest paid in the TBR system. It's not uncommon for ETSU staff and faculty to juggle several jobs simply to make ends meet, just like students do.


In theory, we try to stock a variety of food appealing to diverse palates and lifestyles, but sometimes we can't cover all the bases simply due to what is available or what items were donated. What we do keep on hand are items listed on the forms such as soup, crackers, rice, beans, macaroni and cheese, pasta, granola bars, peanut butter, ramen noodles, potatoes, spaghetti sauce, cereal/oats, canned vegetables, canned meats, canned fruit, and other canned items. We're especially keen on helping our students, staff, and families with families and so we're busy stocking up diapers, baby food, formula, and wipes. There's a separate shelf for gluten-free, soy-free, and other foods that may appeal to clients with dietary restrictions or food allergies.


If you need supplemental food to get you through the week or month, then you fill out a form and email it or bring it to the food pantry when it is open. Our volunteers will respond to your request and make sure that you receive a package of food within 24 hours. Clients may use the food pantry twice in one month, but after that we will refer you to one of our agency partners in case you need further assistance that we are not qualified to handle.


Bucky's Food Pantry is located at 325 Treasure Lane next to the Office of Sustainability in the Central Receiving Warehouse.


The current hours of operation are on the main Bucky's web page -


The idea of Bucky's Food Pantry was planted in the minds of several people and departments during the winter months of 2011 who worked with students and saw an unmet need. Folks from Graduate Studies, Social Work, the Counseling Center, Athletics, Staff Senate, the Student Government Association, University Health Services, and the Sherrod Library joined forces and developed a plan and a vision to bring this service to our campus.


We're one big family at ETSU and we want care for one another more compassionately. The idea that any of our family members are going hungry saddens each and every one of us. The Staff Senate holds an annual food drive each Thanksgiving on campus which distributes food to needy families out in the broader community, but we want to focus our giving more directly among our brethren who make difficult choices about their finances everyday and sometimes must go without a meal so that a loved one gets essential medication.


Our food pantry opened its doors in April 2012. 

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