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Financial Aid

East Tennessee State University

Federal Aid Resources

  • Subsidized Loans: Professional students are no longer eligible to receive subsidized loans.
  • Unsubsidized Loans: Financial need is not required; Student is responsible for interest during all periods; ED is the lender; Payment is owed to ED; Professional pharmacy students are eligible for $33,000 to $37,167 per year
  • Graduate PLUS Loans: Financial need is not required; Credit-based; Student is responsible for interest during all periods; ED is the lender; Payment is owed to ED; Maximum amount is cost of attendance minus Unsubsidized loan, scholarships, and any other aid student receives.
  • Federal Loan Limits: Student loans are subject to lifetime aggregate limits. Doctor of Pharmacy maximum lifetime limits are:
    • Subsidized Loans: $65,000
    • Unsubsidized Loans: $224,000 (including $65,000 subsidized)

Private/Alternative Loans

We recommend you borrow from the Federal Direct Student Loan program before considering private/alternative loans. Professional students should consider a federal Graduate PLUS Loan before applying for a private loan. The terms and conditions of a Federal Student loan may be more favorable. Students are encouraged to research and compare the options and terms such as interest rates, special fees and repayment options. Gatton College of Pharmacy students interested in private/alternative loans in lieu of the Grad Plus loan would apply through FASTCHOICE.

Institutional Scholarships
Current and incoming students are encouraged to apply for institutional scholarships each academic year. Deadline for applications is May 12th.

Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Programs
The Hope Scholarship provides funds to Tennessee residents from the net proceeds of the state lottery.

Veterans Benefits
Make the transition from military duty to East Tennessee State University.

Vocational Rehabilitation
A federal and state-funded program providing services to help individuals with disabilities enter or return to employment. It is designed to assist individuals of work age with physical and/or mental disabilities compete successfully with others in earning a livelihood.

GI Gill
Many benefits are available to advance the education and skills of Veterans and Service members. Spouses and family members may also qualify for training assistance.

Provides opportunities for Americans to make an intensive commitment to service.

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