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Appalachian Student Research Forum

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Special Approvals

Background.  The Appalachian Student Research Forum is open to participation by all students in the Appalachian region, so is not just for ETSU students. In addition, the event is open to be attended by the general public and local media.

Who is responsible?  It is the responsibility of each individual presenter and his/her faculty mentor to ensure that all applicable special approvals, such as for the use of human subjects (IRB), animals, pathogens, etc., have been met at the presenter's home institution, if required.

Why is it needed?  Please keep in mind that, doing a research project for a class is one thing; however, once it is determined that the research is to be presented to the general public (aka contributes to the general public knowledge), whether it's at the Appalachian Student Research Forum or elsewhere, it may mean that special approvals are required and the PI will need to apply for approval.

In addition to the reason mentioned above, there may be many other reasons why your project would require special approval.

Where do I obtain special approvals?  ETSU students and faculty can find more information about obtaining special approvals by visiting the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Administration's Compliance webpage

If you are unsure as to whether your project needs IRB approval for human subjects research, feel free to contact ETSU's IRB office at 423-439-6053, or visit their website at



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