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Appalachian Student Research Forum

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Abstract Submission


Registration for the Appalachian Student Research Forum poster and oral presentation sessions will open Wednesday, December 12th and close Tuesday, March 12, 2019. To register, please visit the ASRF Event Page hosted by Digital Commons.  Please note that you will be required to create an account in Digital Commons in order to access the ASRF Event Page where you will register for your session of choice and submit your abstract. 

Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline for both Oral and Poster Presentations:   

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Please read this page before you register!

Registration is free and open to all student researchers in the southern Appalachian region. However, space is limited and not all abstracts may be accepted.  You may assume that your registration is accepted unless you hear from us otherwise. 

  • A presentation (whether poster or oral) should be registered under the presenter's name.  If there is more than one author, decide who will be the main presenter/award recipient, then register only under that person's name.
  • Submit only one registration per presentation  The name on the registration should be the first author listed in the Authors Section of the abstract.  Each author/co-presenter does NOT need to submit a registration form.  Each poster should be registered one time under one name.
  • Only one presentation per project is allowed, no matter how many authors or students worked on the project.  If more than one presentation is submitted for the same project, all may be rejected.
  • You may register for both an oral presentation and a poster presentation. Participants may be asked to choose only one submission type due to time or space constraints.
  • You can be the presenter on only one competitive poster; any subsequently-registered posters will be considered non-competitive and may be rejected due to space limitations. 
  • You can be the presenter on only one oral presentation. 
  • An oral presentation is limited to one presenter, except in those rare instances where work on a project is equally shared between two individuals.  In those cases, each may deliver a portion of the presentation if the portions are well-planned and organized in advance -- decide who will be the lead presenter/award recipient and register only under that person's name.
  • Registration for the Oral Presentations at the Forum is competitive. Only a limited number of oral presenters can be accommodated.  In the event that you apply for an Oral Session and are not chosen, you will have the option of presenting a poster instead, if space is available. If you do not wish to enter a poster in the poster competition, be sure to indicate this option on your registration form.  

You may register for both a poster and an oral presentation. 
Note:Participants may be asked to choose only one submission type due to time or space constraints.

BEFORE you submit your abstract,
be absolutely sure that you followed the Abstract Preparation Guidelines

Failure to follow the Abstract Guidelines may result in your registration being rejected.


Should you register your poster as non-competitive?  We strongly encourage you to enter your poster competitively. As a student presenter, this gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience with presenting in a no-pressure, non-confrontational learning environment -- plus the possibility that your poster could be chosen as a winner and you would be awarded prize money!  You should only register your poster as non-competitive if you are not going to be present at the event or if you are registering more than one poster.


All post-secondary students in the Appalachian region are invited to enter the poster competition to present their research.  Registration is free.

The Oral Presentation Sessions are open only to Graduate Students, Pharmacy Students, Medical Residents and Post-Doctoral Fellows. (Undergraduate students are not eligible to participate in oral presentations at the Forum.  ETSU undergraduate students should instead register for the Boland Symposium, a separate event -- visit the ETSU Boland Undergraduate Student Research Symposium page.)

Special Approvals:

Did your research project involve the use of human subjects, animals, pathogens, etc.?  If so, please read the Special Approvals page and speak with your faculty mentor/sponsor.  

Does your presentation include any patient data?  If so, read the HIPAA Compliance page and speak with your faculty mentor/sponsor. 


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