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Philosophy & Humanities

College of Arts & Sciences

Meet Our Graduates!

Marcianne O'Day photo

Marcianne O'Day (B.S. Philosophy, 2011)

"By majoring in philosophy, I had the kind of broad and engaging educational experience I was hoping for. It was definitely a good choice.
. . . The biggest advantage philosophy has afforded me outside of work is that it has improved my ability to evaluate ideas and authority in general.  This has made so many aspects of living easier and more meaningful."

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Photograph of Aneel Deshmukh

Aneel Deshmukh (B.S. Philosophy, 2011)

"I think that majoring in Philosophy was crucial to my personal and professional development because it helped provide a framework for critical thinking as well as opened my mind to different lines of thought regarding areas such as ethics, metaphysics, and political philosophy, which I find extremely relevant to my own personal interests."

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Emily Robert's photo

Emily Roberts (B.A., B.S. Philosophy, 2011)

"[A philosophy degree] prepared me well for law school with the ability to read complex material and write about it. It's also an awesome conversation piece. I love replying the common question of 'what did you major in?' with 'philosophy!'"

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Kevin Carlson's photo

Kevin Carlson (B.A. Philosophy, 2016)

"I find it hard to believe that I would be any kind of decent writer now were it not for my philosophy course work. Further, I am finding that the ability to think critically and engage in rational discourse has no limit in terms of practical application. It is perhaps ironic that people would describe philosophy as   impractical considering that critical thinking, logic, and effective argumentation find their way into one's everyday life and will certainly be expected at any job worth having...."

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Hunter Baker's photo

Hunter Baker (B.S. Philosophy, 2006)

"Philosophy helps you examine complex questions about yourself, your community, and the world at large. It teaches you how to solve problems (or at least how to attack a problem). It teaches you that discourse and research are beneficial to uncovering truths. I think that this is also why it is a difficult study…it’s not black and white and sometimes there isn’t one right answer (unless we’re in symbolic logic). Anyway, long winded way of saying that I love that I have a degree in philosophy...."

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If you are a graduate of the ETSU Department of Philosophy & Humanities, we would like to hear from you!  Please follow this link to an online form.

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