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Physics & Astronomy

College of Arts & Sciences


Fall 2014/Spring 2015 - Events

Thermal and Statistical Physics

The Thermal and Statistical Physics class (PHYS 4117), on September 3, 2014

Column on far left, from back to front: Andrew Boghozian, Karter Doyal, Patrick Kennedy. Second column, back to front: Yonghui Wang, Ben Eversgerd, Rui Xue. Third column, back to front: Zhicheng Zhang, Yujia Wang, Dalton Cody Hunley, Ryan Sears, Celine Armand. Fourth column, back to front: Gudmundur Kristjansson, Austin Patrick, Brandon Henard, Adam Glenn, Joseph McNeil. Fifth column, back to front: Zachary Gardner, Dylan Jones, Kristen Campbell, Josef Betser. Sixth column, back to front: William Asbury, Elizabeth Williams, Thomas Holden Dingus. Last column, back to front: Susan Olmsted, Ben McKinney.

JT McNeil

Physics major Joseph McNeil gave a seminar to the Department on Monday November 10, 2014

on the research project he did over the summer at the University of Florida at Gainesville, when he participated in a Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) program. His title was 'Simulation of Relativistic Charged Particle Trajectories in the Geometry of the Upgraded Outer Tracker of the CMS Detector'. He worked with Dr. Ivan Furic of the University of Florida on this project.

Christmas 2014

Four Physics majors at the ETSU Powell Observatory

A picture of four Physics majors at the ETSU Powell Observatory, taken during the Society of Physics Students Christmas Party, December 2014. From left to right: Evan Lilly (graduated in May 2014), Kristen Campbell, Elizabeth Williams, Ben McKinney.

Students at the winter holiday party

2014 Winter Holiday party

Wednesday Dec 10, 2014. Some students were still finishing up classwork. Top left picture:, left to right: Kristen Campbell, Joseph McNeil, Elizabeth Williams

Josef Betser

2014 Winter Holiday party

Josef Betser

Dr Rico Ignace

2014 Winter Holiday party

Dr. Rico Ignace

Students at the winter holiday party

2014 Winter Holiday party

left to right: Elizabeth Williams, Kristen Campbell, Matt Cannon

Winter Party 2014

2014 Winter Holiday party

Andrew Boghozian.

Karter Doyal

Physics major Karter Doyal graduated from ETSU December 13, 2014

Karter was commissioned into the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant on Friday December 12, 2014. He will be an Infantryman initially stationed in Fort Benning in Georgia. For more information, see the article in the Johnson City Press.

Susan's poster

Southeastern Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

Three Physics majors attended the January 16 - 18, 2015 Southeastern Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics.    Left to right:  Susan Olmsted, Kristen Campbell, and Elizabeth Williams.   Susan Olmsted presented a poster entitled `Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies' at the conference.

Radio Astronomy Workshop

Fourteen Physics majors participated in a workshop on Radio Astronomy March 6-8, 2015 at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Center in North Carolina.

Back row zigzag left to right: William Asbury, Austin Patrick, Andrew Boghozian, Benjamin McKinney, Bryan Matthew Cannon, David Frost, Thomas Holden Dingus, Hannah Greene. 
Front row: Susan Olmsted, Ashton Morelock, Elizabeth Williams, Dalton Cody Hunley, David Baldwin, Tulsi Amin.
Far right: Faculty in the Physics and Astronomy Department Drs. Beverly Smith and Mark Giroux.

Pisgah Group

Another picture from the Radio Astronomy Workshop.

Left to right, zigzag: Andrew Boghozian, David Frost, Thomas Holden Dingus, Hannah Green, David Baldwin, Susan Olmsted, Bryan Matthew Cannon, Dalton Cody Hunley, Austin Patrick, Tulsi Amin, Ashton Morelock, William Asbury, Elizabeth Williams, Benjamin McKinney.

Appalachian Research Forum

Physics major Susan Olmsted presented a poster entitled `Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies' at the Appalachian Student Research Forum held in Johnson City, Tennessee, in March 2015.   Her thesis advisor was Dr. Beverly Smith.

Appalachian Research Forum

Physics major Elizabeth Williams presented a poster entitled 'Generalizing Fractal Interpolation with Quadratic Schemes'.  She was one of the prize-winners at the Forum.  She worked with Dr. Jeff Knisley in the Mathematics Department on this project.

Boland Symposium

Physics major Susan Olmsted gave a talk on Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies at the Boland Undergraduate Research Symposium held in Johnson City, Tennessee, in March 2015.

J.T. McNeil

Prize Winner

Graduating senior Joseph T. McNeil won the prize for the outstanding Physics major for 2015.  This prize is awarded to the graduating senior with the highest overall GPA.  In this picture, he is shown with Department Chair Dr. Donald Luttermoser.  Joseph is a double major in math and physics.  He also won the  prize for the Outstanding Student in Mathematics for 2015.  Read the feature article about Joseph that appeared on the main ETSU web page.

Cody Hunley

Dalton Cody Hunley

This picture was taken during the Spring 2015 party to honor graduating seniors.  Cody Hunley is shown with Dr. Luttermoser. 

Ben Eversgerd

Ben Eversgerd

 Graduating senior Ben Eversgerd at the Spring 2015 party, shown with Dr. Luttermoser.

Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams

Graduating senior Elizabeth Williams at the Spring 2015 party, being congratulated by Dr. Luttermoser

Kristen Campbell

Kristen Campbell

Graduating senior Kristen Campbell at the Spring 2015 Department party, with Dr. Luttermoser

Ten Physics majors graduated in May 2015.

New graduates include: Kristen Campbell,   Bryan Matt Cannon, Benjamin Eversgerd,  Derek Hinkle,  Dalton Cody Hunley,  Benjamin McKinney, Joseph T. McNeil, Elizabeth Williams, Rui Xue, Zhicheng Zhang




Devanshu Agrawal

Class of 2014; Physics and Math Double Major

Devanshu Agrawal started graduate school in Mathematics at ETSU this fall.

Joe Weatherly

Class of 2012

Melvin Joseph Weatherly has started graduate school in Physics at the University of Washington.

Brandon Sexton

Class of 2013

Brandon Sexton has been commissioned as an officer in the Air Force. He is stationed at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is working in Space Operations, in Satellite Command and Control.

Vince Commero

Class of 2014

Vince Commero has started graduate school in Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin.

Coral's baby

Class of 2011

Physics graduate Coral Franklin visited the Department in January 2015.   Here she is introducing her baby Katie Lee Leonard to department faculty. Left to right: Drs. Gary Henson, Beverly Smith, and Mark Giroux.  Coral completed her M.S. in Aviations Systems at the University of Tennessee in 2013.

William Jamieson

Class of 2013

William Jamieson won a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.    William is a graduate student in Mathematics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.   While at ETSU, he was a double major in Physics and Math. 

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