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Medical Student Education

Family Medicine

Senior Selective - Ambulatory

FMED4901 Family Medicine - Ambulatory Care
(32 credit hours)

Instructors will include all of the full time COM Family Medicine faculty from the residency programs in Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport as well as a number of clinical faculty in full-time Family Medicine practice in the region.

The ambulatory subinternship will involve a majority of time working in the office practice. Subinterns will be assigned as the clinician of first contact for walk-in patients or follow-up patients. After performing a history, physical exam, and appropriate laboratory testing the subintern will present the case to the preceptor who will see the patient with the subintern and will review selected aspects of the history and physical. Together a plan and follow-up will be determined. Students will see an average of one patient per hour, rarely seeing more than four patients per half-day. Students will perform common ambulatory procedures, including pelvic exams and other dermatological surgery.

Responsible Faculty
Reid Blackwelder, MD, FAAFP

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