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Facilities Management

East Tennessee State University

Facilities Management

Mission Statement:

The mission of the ETSU Office of Facilities Management, Planning, Design and Construction is to provide support to the campus community in the areas of facilities maintenance, planning, construction, renovation, grounds, environmental compliance, safety and sustainability. Resources in these areas are prioritized to enhance the University's mission and goals.


ETSU Construction Projects

ETSU Disclosed Projects

  • Brown Hall Greenhouse Installation - SBC# 369/005-01-2018
  • Buc Ridge Bldgs P & Q HVAC Upgrades Phase I - SBC# 369/005-13-2018
  • Maple Street Houses Renovation and Code Correction - SBC# 369/005-12-2018
  • Millennium Center Computer Science Renovation - SBC# 369/005-15-2018
  • Nave Center Renovation - SBC# 369/005-14-2018

ETSU Capital Maintenance

  • Campus HVAC Upgrades - SBC# 369/005-04-2018
  • Clinical Education Building HVAC Repairs - SBC# 369/005-07-2018
  • Memorial Center Code Corrections - SBC# 369/005-11-2018
  • Multiple Building Roof Replacements - SBC# 369/005-08-2018
  • Repair Replace Campus Water Lines Phase I - SBC# 369/005-09-2018

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