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Accounts Transferring a 'Z' account

New employees who were formerly students at ETSU may be assigned a 'Z' account, so called because such accounts start with the letter Z (e.g. 'zabc12'). Employees are not required to request a name change for this type of account, but it may create confusion by causing some people to see it as a student account instead of an employee account. For those who wish to have their username changed to the employee naming convention (last name + initials), a Computer Account Request Form will need to be submitted.

When filling out the computer account request form, check the box under section 2 that says, "I am a (former) student now employwed by ETSU and I am requesting that my student account be changed to a faculty/staff account."

The third option in section 2 of the computer account request form needs to be checked when transferring from a 'Z' account.
Note: You can also check this box if you are an employee and a current student.
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