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Email Departmental Email Accounts

Departments may request a departmental account, sometimes referred to as a "generic" account. A department may wish to use one for sending out messages on behalf of the department (or a program thereof) over a significant amount of time. This would make it easier when more than one person would be checking the account.

To request a departmental account, a regular full-time employee must submit a Computer Account Request Form. There will be a box to check requesting the departmental account. In the first blank, put in the desired username. The username is the part that comes before the @ ("at") symbol. Check the box below it and enter the name that you would like to be displayed in the From: field when e-mails are sent out.

The fourth option in section 2 of the computer account request form needs to be checked when requesting a departmental account.
Note: On the computer account request form, check the box in section 2 that says, "I am requesting an ETSU domain account with the name (blank) be created for use by our department/organization.

NOTE: The employee who submits the request form for the departmental account will become that account's contact person. That person will be responsible for preserving the account's login credentials. Password changes may only come from the account's contact person.

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