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Downloading and installing VPN & Remote Desktop Software

Downloading VPN on a Mac

Connecting Remote Desktop From Mac to Windows Office Computer

Connecting Remote Desktop From Mac to Mac Office Computer

connecting a mac to a mac VPN/RD

Downloading VPN on Windows

Connecting Remote Desktop From Windows to Windows Office Computer

Text Based Instructions

  1. Make sure you are off campus and not logged onto the ETSU network. Open an internet browser and go to the website
  2. Enter your ETSU Username and Password
    enter your usersname and password
  3. You will then see the following dialog box. Click “Continue”.
  4. Depending on your Operating System, you will be given an option to download the Cisco AnyConnect software for Windows or Mac.
    Option to download the cisco anyconnect software
  5. Choose to download and once complete, run the Cisco AnyConnect installer.
    run the Cisco AnyConnect installer
  6. Follow the prompts to fully install the software
    completing the install
  7. Once installed, search your computer for the Cisco AnyConnect Software and launch it.
    launch the install

Configuring VPN Connection: Click your OS to see detailed instructions

VPN for mac

VPN for Windows

 Configuring VPN Connection for Windows

  1. In the dialog box, enter and select “Connect”.
    connect pop-up box
  2. Enter your ETSU username and password.
  3. Confirm the VPN Usage Policy by clicking “Accept”.
  4. Your are now connected to the ETSU Network!

Using Remote Deskop while connected to the VPN

  1. Launch the program “Remote Desktop Connection” by searching for it on your computer.
  2. Enter your office workstation's inventory number, prefixed by "etsu", into the Computer field.  For example, if your office PC's inventory number were 102345, you would enter etsu102345 into the Computer field.
  3. Select “Show Options” to see more configuration options.
    Remote Desktop Connection box
  4. Under “Computer” you will see where you entered your ETSU computer #. Under “Username” type in etsu\ and then your ETSU username. You can check the box “Allow me to save credentials” if you don’t want to enter them every time you connect.
    Remote Desktop Connection box enter username
  5. You will see a popup asking you to enter your ETSU Password. You can check “Remember Me” to save your password, so you don’t have to type it each time. Upon clicking “Ok” you will see your computers desktop.
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