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Institutional Review Board

East Tennessee State University

How to Use the Collaborator Feature

While working on your xForm, you may want to have some help. IRB Manager will let  you add other IRB Manager users to your xForm, allowing them to edit along with you.

Students should add their Faculty Advisors as collaborators on their xForms. 


  • Open the xForm you want to add a collaborator to. Click Collaborators on the top left.

 click collaborators


  • Once the window opens, enter the email address of the desired collaborator (must already be an IRB Manager user) and select an option for editing access from the drop down Access menu.
    • Edit: allows the collaborator to edit your form.
    • Edit and Manage: allows the collaborator to edit, and add other collaborators.
    • Edit, Manage, and Submit: allows full access to the xForm. 
  • Click Add to add the collaborator. 



  •  You may repeat this process as many times as you need to add multiple collaborators on an xForm. 



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