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Institutional Review Board

East Tennessee State University

How to Track My New Study

After you have submitted your New Protocol Submission Form to the IRB, you can track it in the system and see exactly what stage it's in. This is an overview of the stages that your New Protocol Submission form will travel through, and a brief description of what is happening at each stage:


  • Login to IRB Manager. Under xForms, click on the xForms that are being processed at a later stage

xforms that are being processed at a later stage


  • Locate the appilcable Form and view the associated Stage:




Below is a list of stages in the order that they occur, and the actions being performed at each stage:



New Protocol Data Entry

Not yet submitted or in process of editing/revising. At any point, if the submission is rejected for corrections or for a request for additional information, it will return to this stage and the process will start over.

PI Attestation

Awaiting PI review and signature

Faculty Attestation

Awaiting Advisor review/approval (student research)

IRB Pre-Review

In the process of being reviewed by IRB staff for completeness prior to being sent to department chair. At this stage, it may be sent back to PI/study team for additional information. The goal is to have the protocol as complete/correct as possible prior to submission to department chair. If corrections are necessary, stage will revert back to New Protocol Data Entry and the stages will restart. 

VPR Approval Stage

Awaiting scientific review for non-ETSU, non-VA

Dept. Chair/Service Chief Attestation
Awaiting Dept. Chair review and signature
Faculty Attestation
Awaiting Advisor review/approval (student research)
IRB Initial Review
Awaiting IRB staff review
IRB Coordinator Review
Your coordinator reviews it one more time to check for completeness prior to sending it to the appropriate IRB chair
Chair Review
Awaiting review by IRB Medical or Campus chair
Coordinator Stage to send to reviewers
Sending study to IRB board members for review
Reviewer Stage
Awaiting review by IRB board members
Review/Final Stage
Awaiting final review by IRB board members. Your approval letter will be sent after this final review.



MSHA Study Approval Stages


Department Approvals As Applicable

MSHA Approval


MSHA Research Director Stage Initial


MSHA Approval Second Stage


Laboratory Approver


Radiology Approval


Pharmacy Approval


Nursing Unit Approval


CV Approval


Surgery Approval


Radiation Oncology Approval


Trauma Approval


MSHA Research Director Stage


CMO Washington County Stage






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