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Research Computing Services

Information Technology Services

Repurposed Computers

The Repurposed Computer Project

A percentage of computers retrieved as part of the Computer Replacement Project are made available to departments as part of the Repurposed Computer Project. Researchers have first choice of purchasing additional computers from among the best machines undergoing replacement at four years of service – the computers are re-imaged with Windows 10 and have two years of full support for a one-time fee of $125. The project has been so well received that we have started a waiting list.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Janet Keener at 439-4142 or


Research Data at Risk from Unsupported Computer Operating Systems

As of October 1st, 2017, all faculty, staff, and student computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or older MS operating systems were blocked from the ETSU network. These systems do not receive security updates or anti-malware updates from Microsoft. These vulnerable computers pose a risk to research data and documents and to the university network.

  • software patches are no longer provided and bugs happen
  • antivirus packages stop providing updates leading to vulnerabilities
  • hackers develop exploits that target the vulnerabilities

For those collecting research data on computers that are too old to be permitted on the network, the otential for hardware failure presents a significant risk for data loss. We recommend that a flash drive be used to frequently transfer data to a current computer where the flash drive can be scanned and data uploaded to a secure network drive.

We are available to help you:

  • eliminate unsupported computers from your research environment
  • safely transfer data to a newer computer or network storage drive
  • determine if a re-purposed computer replacement is available
  • assist with the search for a new computer
  • install the replacement computer
  • help obtain and install current copies of specialized software

Extended support of WIN7 Enterprise by Microsoft is scheduled to end on January 20, 2020.



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