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Research Computing Services

Information Technology Services



I am a Student interested in Research. How should I get started?

If you are an Undergraduate Student seeking research experience, or if you have an independent research idea, a great place to start is the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creativity -

We at ITS-Research Computing Services are always happy to meet with Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Students and their organizations to discuss research-related resources and services available at ETSU.

Project Planning: We are here to assist with project planning, technology specifications for grant applications, software/hardware evaluation, vendor contract/bundled equipment review, bid requests, requests for proposal for larger purchases, warranty/license review, vetting of planned purchases, faster approval of IT purchases, and data management. We are happy to attend planning meetings.

ITS General Support for Researchers - Grant Inclusion

ITS-RCS Research Data Management Best Practices - Grant Inclusion

Statistical Analyses:  We can help you with statistical planning and make sure that SAS, SPSS, and Minitab are available on your desktop. We can also help with installation of R and RStudio. Be sure to visit our Data Graphics & Statistics page to learn more about statistical packages available at ETSU.


Assistance with orders and installs, compliance reports, research articles, migration of proprietary software, data storage and backup, warranty issues, keep hardware running.

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