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ETSU was founded in 1911 with a singular purpose: to improve the quality of life for people in the region - and beyond.




Go Beyond: ETSU’s Strategic Plan through 2026 provides a road map for achieving the university’s vision and mission.


Access and Success

Supporting a strategic growth agenda that maximizes the student experience
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Teaching Excellence

Ensuring excellence in the student-to-faculty environment and celebrating great teachers
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Empowered Employees

Empowering employees to pursue excellence and innovation and helping them build fulfilling careers at ETSU
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Research and Innovation

Enhancing research administration and supports and bridging the humanities and sciences
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Equity and Inclusion

Creating parity across demographic groups and cultivating a sense of belonging
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Community Stewardship

Providing educational opportunities within the community that benefit both students and the region
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Fiscal Sustainability and Operational Excellence

Harnessing the power of people, processes and technology to achieve operational excellence
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I. Access and Success

Supporting a strategic growth agenda that maximizes the student experience both inside and outside the classroom. Given the decline in college-going rates and stagnate educational attainment rates, the university is focused on ensuring access to higher education regardless of location, resources, and/or educational background.

  • Initiatives
  • KPIs

    Undergraduate Enrollment

    • Freshmen Applications
    • First-Year Average ACT
    • First-Time Transfers
    • First-Time Freshmen
    • Dual Enrollment

    Graduate Enrollment

    • Graduate
    • Professional

    Overall Enrollment

    • International Enrollment
    • Out-of-State Enrollment
    • Percent Female/Male
    • Percent Receiving Financial Aid
    • Veteran Students
    • Percent of Students Living on Campus

II. Teaching Excellence

In the next decade, faculty excellence will be the factor that will separate successful institutions from those that fail to meet their missions. Ensuring excellence in the academic environment will benefit every student who attends the university.

III. Empowered Employees

ETSU is a complex organization that is best served when employees at all levels feel empowered and trained on how best to implement their purpose and encourage innovation. Additionally, workforce changes make clear the need to have career ladders and succession plans that ensure staff and faculty who begin at ETSU can have fulfilling lifelong careers.

IV. Research and Innovation

Given the broad program portfolio, the university is uniquely positioned to drive both scholarly activity and funded research. Ensuring adequate support and staffing strategies will ensure the university becomes a leader in the research and development fields, particularly when we develop ways the humanities and sciences can work together.

V. Equity and Inclusion

With a focus on being more inclusive and accessible, the goal is to create parity across demographic groups and provide students with the best possible learning experience.

VI. Community Stewardship

Regional public institutions cannot achieve their mission without direct community involvement. The next five years at ETSU will be focused on community-engaged learning, whereby students are provided educational opportunities within the community that benefit both students and the regional areas around all ETSU educational sites.

  • Initiatives
  • KPIs

    Research & Service

    • Externally Sponsored Awards
    • Research Awards
    • Value of Proposals Submitted
    • Value of Proposals Funded
    • Research Expenditures (HERD)

    Stewardship of Place

    • Service Hours
    • Patient Visits
    • Martin Center Ticket Sales and Events
    • Attendance at Athletic Events
    • Total Funds Raised (Giving) 
    • Post-Graduation Outcomes (Employment and Continuing Education)

VII. Fiscal Responsibility and Operational Excellence

The economic drivers that impact higher education and our students are changing rapidly. To ensure ETSU can respond to the volatility, the university will make considerable changes to financial mechanisms and operational environments to ensure ETSU continues to be synonymous with a high-quality, affordable education.

  • Initiatives
  • KPIs

    Fiscal Sustainability

    • Composite Financial Index
    • Net Revenue
    • Reserves as a Percent of E&G
    • Discount Rate
    • Deferred Maintenance Value
    • Total Funds Raised - Research and Giving
  • Recent Updates

    Budget and Operations Town Hall

    On October 26, 2022, Huron Consulting Group presented a virtual Town Hall meeting to share their findings and recommendations related to improving the ETSU budget model and enhancing operations.
    Recording  |  Slides

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