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ETSU Art Galleries

Department of Art & Design

The ETSU Department of Art & Design and Slocumb Galleries are launching a new program called "Art Circle: Artwork Subscription at ETSU" to address the enthusiasm of the academic community to display art.

Consistently, ETSU academic units, administrators, faculty and other offices request students work and other art pieces to display on their offices. The Department of Art & Design considers this as opportunity to encourage the culture of 'collecting' and promote art appreciation.

In order to meet existing requests, the "Art Circle: Artwork Subscription" program is establishing a collection of works that are available for display in a six-month rotation period to various university offices for a minimal fee.

The "Art Circle: Artwork Subscription" program shall charge a $100.00 rental fee from subscribers that will entitle them to choose 3-5 pieces from the collection to be displayed in his or her work place for a duration of 6 months. Fees generated will be used to benefit an annual Art and Design student scholarship.

The art work may be renewed or the subscriber may choose a different set of works after the six-month period. Staff from the Department of Art & Design or Slocumb Galleries will facilitate the delivery and installation as well as provide reminders when the subscription period is over.

Each work will be displayed with the accompanying tag that lists the artist's name, title of work, media and from what collection or donor.

An online catalogue, on the Slocumb Galleries website, with images and basic info about the works, will be available to facilitate the subscription process. Works in circulation will be under the care of the subscriber during the subscription period. Lost or damaged work will be reimbursed by the subscriber for the insurance value of the work unless damage is due to acts of God, then insurance will be claimed under university policy. Subscribers will sign a contract specifying their responsibilities.

To view images of available art for Art Circle Subscription, please view below or click here for pdf version.

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The "We Love Art" Project is a collaborative, multimedia art project that aims to promote art activities and initiatives in the Johnson City area communities. It was launched during the Blue Plum Festival on June 2013 at Downtown Johnson City. The "We Love Art" Project is organized as an outreach program by the Slocumb Galleries under the ETSU Department of Art & Design in collaboration with the SG Student Society and various partners.

The "We Love Art" Project aims to promote art awareness and appreciation in the community, ranging from the visual arts to performances. By encouraging people from the community to participate in the art project, and enabling them to show they "love" art, we hope to motivate them to include art in their daily consciousness and hopefully result to more participation in art activities in the future. The "We Love Art" Project is multi-phased, multimedia endeavor with the potential to evolve into other art initiatives with the same mission to promote art familiarity and dynamic art participation in the community.

The first phase for the "We Love Art" Project involved taking photographs of people who are attending the Blue Plum Festival while holding a blue heart with the words "we" and "Art" etched into it. Participants were asked to hold the "We Love Art" symbol as part of the photograph. After all the images are collected, the next phases involve the continuation of image gathering and compilation of the digital photographs into a video format to be projected on a wall in Downtown Johnson City during First Fridays. Aside from the "We Love Art" photos, still shots of art venues like Tipton Gallery, Nelson Fine Art, Johnson City Area Arts Council, Sparks Plaza, Greenstone Gallery and various images of art events and performances will be included on the loop of images being projected.

The We Love Art Project is an art awareness campaign in line with the new Arts Initiative at ETSU.

We thank all the art lovers who are part of the "We Love Art" project! We also appreciate the efforts of our Friends of the Slocumb Galleries and Slocumb Galleries Student Society (SGSS) members and volunteers: Spenser Brenner, Michael Hale, Megan King, Desiree Markland, Shai Perry, Katie Sheffield and Mr. & Ms. Jose and Shannon Castillo.

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