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ETSU Art Galleries

Department of Art & Design



I. The Exhibition

  1. The Slocumb Galleries (SG) shall provide the exhibition space free of charge and available for the installation, exhibition and dismantling of the works for the graduating BFA/MFA Graduating Student of ETSU Department of Art & Design.

  2. The Student shall produce, deliver, install and dismantle the work at the Slocumb Galleries for the required BFA/MFA Graduation Exhibition. The work should be original art pieces by the Student.

  3. The Student shall submit to the Gallery Director the completed (1) BFA / MFA Checklist and (2) SG Exhibit Policy signed by both Student and Advisor prior to the exhibition to confirm the scheduled exhibit slot.

  4. The Student shall submit the exhibit's documentation for web posting purposes during or after the show; including but not limited to: 

      1. Artist's statement
      2. digital photographs of the exhibition at the gallery and individual photos of works
      3. artwork details such as title, dimension, media, year, price, etc.
      4. press release.
    • The Student authorizes the Slocumb Galleries to document and publish photos, video documentation, powerpoint show or podcast the show for educational and promotional activities. A digital SLR camera is available at the SG office for sStudents to borrow to document their respective shows.

  5.  The Student shall design, arrange and pay for expenses incurred for the production of work and exhibition such as: (1) signage; (2) invitations; (3) postage; (4) reception catering; (5) packing materials; (6) title cards (with artist name, title of work, etc); (7) specialized installation device.

  6. The Student shall provide the basic hardware, tools, white paint, joint compound for installation and gallery repair; a digital projector with built-in DVD player or 37-inch flat screen HDTV & DVD player and sound system to accommodate music from CD shall also be made available for the exhibitions.

  7.  The Student agrees not to include work that are made from hazardous, radioactive or biodegradable materials that may decay or decompose during the Exhibition and may pose threat to the health and safety of the viewing public and Gallery Staff. The SG reserves the right to remove work from the Exhibit if in its judgment, the conditions require it; this applies to health and/or safety issues and does not pertain to subject nor content.

  8. The Student shall be responsible in repairing the galleries after their exhibition to its good condition including spackling, sanding and spot painting. Failing to repair the gallery, the Student agrees to pay a minimum fine of $50.00. Failure to repair or pay the fine will result to the withholding of final grade for ARTA 4916 or ARTA 5960 class with approval from the respective Advisors or Exhibit Committee.

II. Other Matters

  1. The name and or logo of ETSU, Department of Art & Design and Slocumb Galleries is encouraged to be included on all printed materials and documentation related to the Exhibition.

  2. The Slocumb Galleries shall ensure that the galleries are opened to the public during viewing hours and securely locked after the exhibition hours unless otherwise noted. There are handicapped access facilities in the building and university.

  3. The Slocumb Galleries assumes no responsibility for any fees or royalties claimed by the Student or on his/her behalf with regard to and in connection with, the showing of the Exhibition by the Student. The Student agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Slocumb Galleries from and against all liabilities, losses, or expenses arising out of damages or any claim by a third party of a violation of copyright laws or reproduction rights occurring during, and in connection with, the showing of the Exhibition.

  4. The Student agrees to meet with the Gallery Director (if necessary) prior to the actual Exhibition date in order to discuss and finalize details of the exhibit as well as submit required documentations.

  5. Questions, proposed modification and other matters should be addressed to:

Karlota I. Contreras-Koterbay
Director, Slocumb Galleries
Box 70708, Department of Art & Design, ETSU
Room 213, Ernest C. Ball Hall
Mobile: (423) 483-3179


III. Exhibition Schedule

BFA/BA Exhibition schedule will be finalized through the Exhibition & Portfolio Class under the Faculty teaching that semester in coordination with the Gallery Director. MFA Exhibitions must be coordinated directly with the Gallery Director.

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