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Medical Student Education Committee

Quillen College of Medicine

Committee's Charge


The committee will be comprised of 13 faculty members, including the chair, appointed by the Executive Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs who will represent the Dean for this purpose. Members may be  reappointed upon term completion. Such appointments will be made in accordance with the James H. Quillen College of Medicine Faculty By-Laws, Article VI Committees/Appointments procedure. College of Medicine and University faculty and staff will serve as consultants to the committee. Additionally, there will be four elected medical student representatives, one from each class.

Faculty members are expected to commit 10% of their time to MSEC activities and to attend 60% of the meetings.

Deans Charge for MSEC - Dr. Robert Means
October 20, 2015


The Medical Student Education Committee (MSEC) is the curriculum committee of the Quillen College of Medicine, with full responsibility to oversee the undergraduate medical education program as a whole and has responsibility for the overall design, management, integration, evaluation, and enhancement of a coherent and coordinated medical curriculum.

MSEC shall:

1) define and formulate the competencies and objectives of the curriculum and ensure that they guide all aspects of the curriculum.

2) consider, take positions and determine policy on any matter concerning the undergraduate medical education curriculum.

3) establish policies governing the undergraduate medical education program curriculum and monitor their implementation and outcomes.

4) advise the Dean on matters of accreditation related to the undergraduate medical education program curriculum.


Received by MSEC: October 20, 2015



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