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Medical Student Education Committee

Quillen College of Medicine


Educational Policies


Other Educational Policies

Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE) Development - (ADMIN-0916-1)

Course/Clerkship Governance - (ADMIN-0220-1)


MSEC Policies

Clinical Supervision of Medical Students - (MSEC-0617-19)

Documentation of Clerkship Specific Required Procedures and/or Patient Types (update pending) - (MSEC-0313-4)

Fair and Timely Summative Assessment - (MSEC 0417-17)

Formative Feeback Policy - (MSEC-1016-16)

M1-M2 Attendance Leave Policy - (MSEC-0417-21)

M3 Clerkship Exam and Grading Policy - (MSEC-0111-3)

M3 Attendance/Absence Policy - (MSEC-0316-13)

M4 Attendance Leave Policy - (MSEC-0111-4)

Medical Student Duty Hours Policy - (MSEC-0910-6)

Narrative Assessment Policy - (MSEC-1016-15)

NBME Policy for Pre-Clerkship Courses - (MSEC-1212-12)

OSCE Clinical Proficiency for Promotion to Senior Year Policy - (MSEC-0610-1)

Periodic and Comprehensive Evaluation of Curriculum Policy - (MSEC-0314-0)

Pre-Clerkship Medical Student Time and Workload Policy  - (MSEC-1112-9)

Preparation of Resident and Non-Faculty Instructors -
(MSEC 0617-18)

Provision of Sensitive Health Services to Medical Students and Conflicts of Interest Related to Student Evaluation and Promotion Decisions Policy - (MSEC-0000-8)

QCOM Exam Administration Policy - (MSEC-0515-11)

QCOM Exam Question Rebuttals Policy - (MSEC 1212-5)

Student Computer Usage During Electronically Administered Quizzes/Exams  - (MSEC-061307)

Student Transfer Between Generalist and RPCT Track - (MSEC-1017-20)


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