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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Quillen College of Medicine

Current Residents
  ETSU QCOM Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Resident Physicians


 Kiana Brooks, MD | Fourth Year Resident

"I am originally from Nashville, TN. I went to medical school at ETSU Quillen College of Medicine. As a medical student the residents and attendings always made my learning experience very enjoyable. I love that this field includes primary care as well as surgery. In my time away from the hospital I enjoy sewing and taking classes at the Center for Physical Activity (CPA) on the main campus." 

Undergrad: Tennessee State University

Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine

Jacqueline Conger, MD | Fourth Year Resident

"I was born and raised in Arkansas, attending both undergrad and medical school in the state, and have now ventured out to the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee for Residency.  I love my fellow residents, who both support and challenge me daily.  In addition to my role as resident, I am also wife, and mother to a very energetic little boy who keeps me running.  My boys and I like hiking and playing outside, and in my free time I enjoy all things home and garden.  We love living in East Tennessee and have enjoyed making it our new home."

Undergrad: Arkansas State University

Medical School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


Whitney Rich, MD | Fourth Year Resident

Whitney was born and raised in northwest Tennessee but was drawn to the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee for medical school and stayed for residency. She has 2 furbabies- Molly and Barney. Both are beagles. She loves being outside, kayaking, doing Zumba, cooking, and spending time with family and dogs. During her clerkships at ETSU he saw what a wonderful community-like atmosphere this residency program had to offer, in addition to the academics to support it. Everyone here is like family, and she never wants to leave!  

Undergrad: Union University Jackson, TN

Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine


Alison Cronin, DO | Third Year Resident

"I grew up in East Tennessee. After going out of state for college and medical school, I am happy to be back closer to family. I enjoy hiking, running, traveling, reading, and watching college football. My wonderful co-residents are what I like most about this program." 

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Virginia

 Alyssa Erksine, MD

Alyssa Phelps, MD | Third Year Resident

I'm originally from West Virginia, and after medical school in Southern California I am thrilled to be back in the South, land of sweet tea and farmer's markets. My favorite things here are the people, especially my wonderful co-residents, and the gorgeous mountains. In my spare time I cook, go on adventures with my husband, and try to keep my tomato plants alive; with my black thumb, the struggle is real. I also like camping, hiking, and reading sci-fi.

Undergrad: Southern Adventist University, TN

Medical School: Loma Linda University, CA

Brad Wood, MD

Brad Wood, MD | Third Year Resident

I was born and raised in Graham, NC. The son of a drafter and nurse, medicine was not on radar as a career growing up. My first job working in a nursing home spurred me toward healthcare. As far off as medicine was for me initially, the same applied to OB/GYN. I did not expect to enjoy OB/GYN at all until my 2rd year rotation. It is a profession I was grateful to be part of. I have been married since 2014 to a woman who I met in high school and she has been by my side through every up and down. We have a lab/pit mix named Yoda who loves to play, give  hugs and kisses. In my off time I enjoy playing golf, binge watching Netflix, and occasionally putting in time on my PlayStation (may sound childish but it is a great stress relive).

I chose ETSU for the people. It was the program that seemed to have the most genuine residents, they legitimately liked one another. I also clicked well with them. The resident dinner and interview were the easiest, most comfortable experiences of my interview trail. Johnson City also reminds me of my hometown in North Carolina, which made the transition easier While we still plan to return to NC, I couldn't imagine a better group or place to spend my 4 years of residency. 

Undergrad: NCSU (Textile Engineering with focus on product design and minor in Biology

Med School: UNC Chapel Hill




Alexandra Lusk, MD | Second Year Resident

I chose ETSU because I recognized the advantage that these residents have working with such a large underserved population at a regional level 1 trauma center with a level III NICU. The residents here are also some of the most kind and supportive people I have met in any residency program, which was readily apparent even as early as my interview. I also love the beauty of the Blue Ridge forest that surrounds ETSU.  

Undergrad: University of New Mexico (Biology)

Med School: University of New Mexico





Ron Ronald Reyes, MD | Second Year Resident

I chose ETSU because I wanted an academic program with a community rural feel. In my free time, I enjoy Crossfit.

Undergrad: Marshall University

Med School: Marshall University, Joaan C. Edwards School of Medicine





Arielle Schreck, MD | Second Year Resident

My hobbies include personal fitness, reading, and water sports. I chose ETSU for the close-knit environment, personalized teaching, and emphasis on patient-centered care. 

Undergrad: Washington University, St. Louis

Med School: Florida State University College of Medicine





Charlotte Alexander, MD | First Year Resident

I enjoying baking, cooking, rock climbing, yoga, film, and youtube videos of puppies.

I went abroad to study medicine at a school for Global Health, but at ETSU, I can return home to practice the principles of global health in the United States.

Undergrad: Georgetown University, 2012 and University of California, Berkeley, 2010

Medical School: Medical School for International Health at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel





Lauren Mann, MD | First Year Resident

I'm originally from Huntsville, AL and have been in Alabama most of my life. I love playing soccer, hiking, shopping, craft breweries, and of course watching my Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturdays. I have a wonderful furbaby named Avery that is my favorite hiking buddy. 

I chose ETSU because of the residents and the location. The mountains here in East Tennessee are absolutely stunning and great for weekend hikes. Also, the residents here are really great and I knew I'd fit in well. 

Undergrad: University of Alabama

Grad: Tulane University

Med School: University of South Alabama





Khaki Marquette, MD | First Year Resident

I enjoy crafting, making my husband participate in DIY projects, working out to exercise videos because going to the gym is just too much to expect from me, adopting dogs, ordering too many things on Amazon, eating BBQ, forcing my son to smile for endless iPhone pictures, going on walks, and all things TJ Maxx.

I chose ETSU because I love the area of East Tennessee and the people in the program acted more like a family than coworkers. 

Undergrad: University of Central Arkansas and University of Arkansas

Medical School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences





Philip Salstrom, MD | First Year Resident

I play guitar, piano, and fiddle and I love to play all different kinds of music, especially Old Country. I have a cat named Bill and he blows my mind.

I chose ETSU OB/GYN because of the fantastic people I met here and because I loved this area. 

Undergrad: University of Illinois - Chicago

Med School: University of Illinois

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