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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Quillen College of Medicine

Resident Achievements

Recent Resident Achievements


Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Resident Award in Psychiatry--third year medical students select the psychiatry resident who demonstrates excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service

2015: Whitney Gilley, MD 
2016: Whitney Gilley, MD 
2017: Suzanne Azzazy, DO 
2018: Carrie Robey, MD 

Caduceus Award (selected by M-3 students)- Honors the Psychiatry resident who has gone above and beyond their call as educator and mentor

2015: Reagan Gilley, MD 
2016: Suzanne Azzazy, DO 
2017: Reagan Gilley, MD 
2018: David Jensen, DO 
2019: Carrie Robey, MD

Third Year Medical Student Psychiatry Rotation -Best Resident Teaching Recognition since Nov 2015

Samar Abdel-Jabbar, MD
Suzanne Azzazy, DO
Nigel Dsouza, MD (3x)
Jeff Forrest, MD
Reagan Gilley, MD
Whitney Gilley, MD
Preston Helmly, MD (2x)
Tazley Hobbs, MD (2x)
Tony Hu, DO
Joseph Ikekwere, MD (3x)
David Jensen, DO (2x)
Joshua McDevitt, DO (3x)
Krupa Nataraj, MD
Eugene Owsley, MD
Carrie Robey, MD (3x)
Kevin Rowe, DO
Jean Salcedo, MD MBA (2x)
Luke Stanley, MD
Dylan Strohl, MD (3x) 
Geeta Tadepalli, MD
Tamie Wells, MD

Resident of the Month Recognition -for an unsolicited special resident contribution


David Burrow, MD  
Jeremiah Hopkins, MD
Joshua McDevitt, MD                                         
Ryan Stump, MD


Suzanne Azzazy, DO
Whitney Gilley, MD
Eugene Owsley, MD
Dhashani Nadarajah, MD
Dan Nicolau, MD
Dylan Strohl, MD


Tazley Hobbs, MD
Joseph Ikekwere, MD
Dylan Strohl, MD
Samar Abdel-Jabbar, MD
Geeta Tadepalli, MD
Cory McNamara, MD
Eugene Owsley MD
Dyan Darang, MD


David Jensen, MD
Carrie Robey, MD

Louis A. Cancellaro Award- Award honoring a graduating resident who has demonstrated excellence in clinical practice, shown compassion in the care of patients, and has demonstrated outstanding leadership potential.

2018: Joshua McDevitt, MD
2017: Reagan Gilley, MD
2016: David Burrow, MD
2015: Clemence Nyandjo, MD

PRITE Award-Highest Psychiatry Resident In-training Exam score from the overall group of residents 2018: Jeff Forrest, MD


Institute for Psychiatric Services Annual Meeting (an APA meeting), October 2018. "Addressing Psychiatric Health Equity in Rural Areas Through Recruitment and Retention". Tazley Hobbs, MD and Shambhavi Chandraiah, MD FRCPC

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, May 2018. "The Devil is in the Details: Formicaiton as a Dose Related Side Effect of Antidepressant Medication". Eugene Owsley, MD and Shambhavi Chandraiah, MD.

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Annual Meeting, March 2018. "When a Benzodiazepine Can Help Save a Life: Periodic and Malignant Catatonia in an Aging Veteran". Azzazy S, Hansen-Cook S, and Carroll T

American Psychiatric Association Scientific Meeting and Clinical TMS Society Conference, May 2017."Evidence-Based Literature Review of Maintenance Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (MTMS)". Ikekwere J, et al

American Psychiatric Association, Atlanta, GA May 2016. Associations of Alcohol Consumption and Marijuana Use With Major Depressive Episode: results From the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health Data. Ikekwere J, et al

Society of Biological Psychiatry, Atlanta, GA, May 2016. High levels of Norepinephrine-Dopamine Reuptake inhibitor Bupropion Suppresses Chronic NMDA-antagonist Dextromethorphan Abuse in a U.S. Combat Veteran with PTSD, Agrawal, N

Society of Biological Psychiatry, Atlanta, GA, May 2016. Glutamate vs Dopamine Dysregulation: What NMDA-receptor Antagonist Ketamine is Teaching us about Mood Disorders (the Role of DARPP-32). Agrawal, N

Electroencephalography and Clinical Neuroscience Society, Munich, Germany, September 2015. Glutamate vs. Dopamine Dysregulation: What Ketamine is Teaching Us About Mood Disorders. Agrawal, N

Recent Resident Fellowships

2015-16  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry  Medical University of South Carolina

               Geriatric                                        Medical University of South Carolina

2016-17  Forensics                                      Case Western University

               Addictions                                     University of New Mexico

2017-18 Sleep Medicine                              Dartmouth College

              Addictions                                      University of Louisville

2018-19 Geriatric                                         Vanderbilt University

2018-19 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry   University of Michigan

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