Project Graduation

Project Graduation

Why is Project Graduation Needed?

When teens celebrate their graduation from high school, it is a time filled with pride, a time to celebrate achievements, and a time to make future plans. But when teens celebrate their success by drinking and driving, a night that was meant for fun can easily result in tragedy.


It is not enough to tell our children to "Just say NO!" We must provide an alternative.  Project Graduation is that alternative! It is an all-night drug and alcohol-free event that provides an opportunity for students to spend time with classmates. It is an opportunity to give our graduating seniors a wonderful memory, and build a tradition for underclassmen.


Project Graduation can only succeed with of the commitment of parents, local businesses and government, and the school and its students who support us in sending a clear message to all teens that alcohol and drugs are not necessary to celebrate their achievements. Your support and involvement will help us make sure it is a time to celebrate.


During University High’s Project Graduation the students will have access to most of the activities within the CPA—pool, climbing wall, basketball and racquetball courts, etc.  Our Senior Parent Committee will provide door prizes, endless food, games, and space to hang out or watch a movie.  School staff will chaperone the event, with the help of parents.  Several needs for chaperones and donations still exist.  Please scan the QR below to access our Sign-Up Genius for Project Graduation. 

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