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University School


Seniors / Parent Information

 Click to Link to Ms. Shaw's Senior Website   


Senior Spotlight Photos Needed

University School Seniors and families,

As we are getting close to the end of the year, we would like to highlight all of our 2021 graduates by doing a Senior Spotlight each day during the month of May. In order to do this, we need a little assistance from each of you. Each day 2-3 of you will be recognized on our webpage and social media sites. Please send Mrs. Erwin (our Webmaster) the information below: 

  • Name (first and last)
  • College or Career Path Plans
  • Favorite University School Moment
  • A photo of you (please make sure that if it was taken by a professional photographer, that you have permission for us to post it online and via social media platforms

Please send the photo and the information to Mrs. Erwin:



Senior Yard Signs and Cap and Gowns - Ready for Pick-up
The University School Senior Parent Committee ordered yard signs for our graduating seniors class. Seniors or their parent can pick up their sign starting after school on Tuesday, April 20th. 

Also, seniors, if you ordered a cap/gown please come pick these up in the counseling office!


Senior Week
Senior Week

Parents and Seniors:

We have been busy planning for senior week activities. The cost for each senior will be $150 to cover the following activities.

The $150 payment was due March 15th, but if you have not paid it yet, please do so ASAP. You may pay via Paypal to or by bringing a check (made payable to UH Class of 2021) to the school office.

  • May 25: Dollywood trip including transportation on a bus. (Does not include food.)
  • May 26: An activity day at Appalachian Christian Camp which includes a zip line, pool time and other activities along with a boxed lunch.
  • May 27: Lunch for the Seniors AND Baccalaureate in the early evening (location to be determined). Cookies and punch will be served.
  • May 28: Graduation Night Lock-In at the CPA on the ETSU campus including food and prizes.

We are able to obtain refunds for all activities until May 1, 2021. In the event that these activities do not go off as planned, you will receive a refund.

Discount cards are still available for seniors to sell to help defray the cost of senior week activities. Please email to request discount cards. You may also contact Dr. Shaw if you need financial assistance.

We look forward to providing our Seniors with a memorable and fulfilling experience and we appreciate your attention to the details of the exciting Senior Week!




Planning Senior Week Activities

Parents and Seniors:

We have been busy planning for the senior week activities. The cost for each senior will be $150 to cover the following activities. The $150 payment is due by March 15th, and it may be paid via Paypal to . Payments may also be dropped off in the office. Please make checks payable to UH Class of 2021.

The activities will take place between May 25-28 and tentatively including an activity day at Appalachian Christian Camp (boxed lunch included), Dollywood trip, Senior Luncheon and Baccalaureate with cookies and punch, and CPA lock-in including food and prizes.

We are able to obtain refunds for all activities until May 1, 2021. In the event that these activities do not go off as planned, you will receive a refund.

Discount cards are still available for seniors to sell to help defray the cost of senior week activities. Please email    to request discount cards. You may also contact Dr. Shaw if you need financial assistance.

We look forward to providing our Seniors with a memorable and fulfilling experience and we appreciate your attention to the details of the exciting Senior Week!

Senior Parent Committee



ATTENTION FULLY REMOTE SENIORS- Cap/Gown Picture Proofs are in the main office for pick up.



Winners of Senior Superlatives

2021 Senior Superlatives:

Congratulations to the following seniors for their senior superlatives.


#1 Best All Around

Isaac Phillips and Olivia Ares

#2 Most Changed since Freshman Year

Elias Guerrero-Reach and Meg Shipp          

#3 Most addicted to caffeine

Viraj Brahmbhatt and Brianna Villanueva

#4 Most likely to become Internet famous (verified)

Parker Bradish and Sarah Gray

#5 Most Likely to make it on Broadway

Natalie Ford and Hollyn Dixon

#6 Most likely to travel the globe

Amisha Agrawal and Michaela Summey

#7 Most likely to make friends even from six feet apart

Peyton Bradish and Matthew Powell

#8 Most likely to study for a test after the test

Collin Smith and Ben Vargo

#9 Most likely to wear pajamas to a Zoom meeting

Andrew Jarvis and Rheagan Shelton

#10 Most likely to forget their mic is on during a zoom meeting

Connor Horton and Skyler Miller      

#11 Most likely to go pro

Bracken Burns and Kaleb Meredith   

#12 Most likely to be the next Picasso

Hannah Meit and Carolina Pack        

#13 Best Dressed

Kierstyn Simerly and Elizabeth Carter

#14 Best Smile

Angel Donaldson and Jack Ryan

#15 Best Hair

Clay Duncan and Ava Justice


Senior Superlatives2021 Senior Superlatives Ballot: Please vote for two from each category. Email me your ballot at The deadline is Friday, February 5, 2021. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Ballot (.docx)

Ballot (.pdf) 


Senior Superlative Nominees -- Deadline Friday, January 29th

Senior Superlative Nominees -- Deadline Friday, January 29th 

It is time to nominate your classmates for senior superlatives.  Please email your nominees to .  Once the nominees are tabulated, you will receive a formal ballot for you to vote.

Senior Superlative Categories -- Please nominate up to six students per category:  nominees due by Jan. 29, 2021.

  1. Best all around  
  2. Most Changed since Freshman Year  
  3. Most to be addicted to caffeine. 
  4. Most likely to become Internet famous (verified) 
  5. Most likely to make it on Broadway  
  6. Most likely to travel the globe 
  7. Most likely to make friends even from 6 feet apart. 
  8. Most likely to study for a test after the test 
  9. Most likely to wear pajamas to a Zoom meeting  
  10. Most likely to forget their mic is on during a zoom meeting 
  11. Most likely to go pro 
  12. Most likely to be the next Picasso 
  13. Best dressed 
  14. Best smile
  15. Best hair


Senior Yearbook Ads


Cap & Gown Orders! University Class of 2021 Seniors and Parents

Please see the Jostens Information. Students will need to purchase a cap/gown/tassel for graduation. Other items are available, but they are not required. Please let me know if purchasing the cap/gown/tassel set will be difficult for your family. I have several sets available to borrow for pictures and graduation. 

If you have not yet confirmed the correct spelling of your name for your diploma, please do that today. 

Aleeta Shaw, Ed.D.
University School
School Counselor

Pick up your packet in the main office.  Order Online Anytime!!  Check out the School Store to show your school spirit!



Updated announcement about the senior fundraiser: the cards can be picked up by seniors or a parent from the University School office until 10/30/2020.


Dear UH Parent and Senior Student,

It’s time for the annual UH Discount Card Fundraiser! All proceeds will go toward your student’s senior week activities May 24-28. We have some fantastic activities planned for the seniors like a trip to Dollywood, Appalachian Christian Camp and lots more! We anticipate needing $150 TOTAL per student for all of the senior week activities planned.

This year we have 27 great discount card sponsors! Please be sure to frequent/use the sponsoring businesses that have been so kind to help UH!

  1. The cards are available to pick up from the University School office.
  2. The cards must be picked up from the office no later than 10/30/2020.
  1. Each student will receive five (5) discount cards to sell for $10 each.
  1. The five discount cards will be inside an envelope with the student’s name on it.
  1. Please sell discount cards and return the money in the envelope provided or return any unsold cards by December 1, 2020.   
  1. Return money and any unsold cards to the lock box in the front office labeled “UH Discount Cards.”
  1. IF the student wishes to sell more discount cards please email and we will provide more.
  1. Payment methods:

Discount cards may be paid for with cash, check or PayPal at .

Be sure to write student’s name on PayPal memo line.

We want to sell as many cards as possible to provide scholarships and community support. (Example: Sell 5 cards for $50 and you will be responsible for the remaining $100. OR sell more cards!)

If parents prefer to skip fundraising all together or make occasional payments to their student’s account they may do so by using the Pay Pal account above.

Questions? Please email our class presidents Christine Bradish at or Laura Willard at .

Remember to follow UH Seniors 2021 on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you!

The UH Senior Class of 2021 Parent Committee



Senior To Do List 


Hi Seniors and Senior Families- 


It has been great to see several of you via zoom the last couple of weeks! I love seeing your faces! I’m starting to feel the pressure of senior year so I want to be sure that you are all getting off to a good start. There are several things that I need you to do to ensure this year goes smoothly. About half of you have completed these tasks, and I need 100% participation to be sure that we have a good communication system. Please do the following if you have not already done so: 


  • Join the Remind app for 2020-2021 Seniors- you will get text updates and be able to send texts to me. Both students and parents/guardians may join. Use this link: 
  • Complete the Senior 2021 Information Survey so that I have the best contact information for you and your family. Most of my communication will be via email once I have complete updated information, and email is how you will learn about important things like ordering cap/gown and spelling your name correctly on your diploma. 
  • Check your CANVAS Grade 12 Counseling Announcements at least every other day. You will find really good information there like college application fee waiver codes and upcoming informational sessions.  
  • Put the October 5 & 6 ACT on your calendar (times and location information will be coming soon). You are already registered and the exam fee has been paid so all you have to do is show up and test. All seniors are required to take the exam, but in order to lower the number of students who will need to test we will consider an exemption for students who have already earned a 30 or above on the composite score. If you have scored 30 or above, please email me at to approve an exemption. Please note that this is at the school’s discretion.  
  • Schedule a Senior Individual Appointment with me. You may sign up here There are 10 open slots remaining before Fall Break. More slots will be added after Fall Break. Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend, but the senior MUST attend. A senior appointment is a required activity.  
  • Review the Senior Night Google slides. Request access here: You can also watch the recorded webinar here: 
  • Request a self-view unofficial transcript and review it for errors and be sure that all credits have been completed or are in progress towards graduation. Instructions can be found in the slide show listed above, or you can find the link on the first page of the school website at



University School Outdoor Graduation 2020 - Link to Digital Program

Virtual Graduation Video -


 Watch Live Stream of 2019 Graduation Ceremony on our University School YouTube Channel.  


Printable Peer Tutoring Application

Dear Seniors-

Need volunteer hours or to make a little extra money? Apply to be a peer tutor! University School always has a need for tutors for students of all ages. Please consider applying to be a tutor!


Important Senior Information!!!!

Dear Seniors and Senior Families-

This may be the most important email that I send you all year so please read it to the end.

-First, I have a special senior website where nearly everything you need to know is posted. It can be found at the top of the senior page on my faculty website. If you do nothing else, please watch the application and financial aid videos. The link is I have finished updates today, but if you notice errors please let me know. You can also use the college and scholarship searches on my website to help narrow down your choices to a list of 3-7 (just a recommendation-application fees can be expensive).

-Second, it is time to begin your college applications if you have not yet done so. Completing your college applications should happen over fall break so that everyone can meet important scholarship and admission deadlines. UT-Knoxville has one of the earliest deadlines at November 1, but if you are applying for early admission or early decision your deadlines may be earlier. If ANYTHING you need is due in September or early October I need it this coming TUESDAY 9/4!!!

There are three ways to apply to college:

  1. On the website of the college
  2. Through the Common Application at for membership schools
  3. Through the Coalition Application at for membership schools

-Third, if you think you might qualify, apply for free/reduced lunch to be eligible for fee waivers for ACT/SAT/College Application Fees. You do not have to eat the lunch, but it will prove your eligibility for fee waivers. Applications are available in the main office and in my office.

-Fourth, apply for the TN Promise (free community college tuition) at Even if you do not plan to attend community college it is an excellent back up plan in case something interferes with your primary plans. Additional scholarship info coming soon.

-Fifth, request transcripts for college applications that you are completing. Some sites like Common App will automatically issue a request to me. Others will require that you make the request directly to me. Unfortunately, we are currently in transition with the site we use for digital transcript requests so for the next few days it is best to request transcripts via email. If you have already used Parchment, they have been sent. We are switching to ScribOrders. Info coming soon.

-Sixth, request any recommendations that you need from me or your teachers three to four weeks in advance. Be specific about what you need and when it is due. I require that you email me a COMPLETED Recommendation Self-Assessment form(attached and on the senior website) before I will write you a recommendation. You are welcome to send it to other people that you ask for recommendations.

-Seventh, check my website and the school’s website for important dates and information and ALWAYS read my emails. Email is the primary way that I will communicate important information to you. Look for an email soon about text alerts for seniors.

-Eighth, all seniors are expected to retake the ACT on the Senior Retake Date of October 16 during the school day. All seniors are registered through the school. Students with a 30 or above ACT may elect not take the exam (must notify Ms. Shaw if not planning to take), but taking an ACT is a graduation requirement in the State of Tennessee. If for some reason you DO NOT WANT to retake the ACT please inform me before we go on break.

-Eighth, if all of this is overwhelming and confusing, take a deep breath and schedule an appointment with me J.  

Thanks for reading to the end! More updates coming soon!

Ms. Shaw


 View Graduation 2018



Civics Test - Required for Graduation

This test is required for graduation.  Study materials have been placed on Ms. Frasier's school webpage.


 View 2017 Graduation Ceremony on USchool YouTube Channel



 Link to the 2015 Graduation recording



 Click to View 2014 Graduation Ceremony




   Seniors, don't forget to submit your Contact Information to the Alumni Database!!!  Yes, you made it!!!




Parents of Seniors: Seniors are required to complete 40 hours of community service before they graduate. To date, many seniors have not submitted their forms to Ms. Shaw. This is a state requirement to graduate. Please work with your student to take care of this item.




Ask Ms. Shaw about Duplicate Diploma Requests

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