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University School

K-12 Public School

Posted August 4, 2020

Student Meal Distribution Options




Posted July 8, 2020

Apply for COVID-19 Food Assistance


Welcome to the University School Cafeteria!

Connie Taylor
Connie Taylor
Cafeteria Manager


Connie Taylor
Katherine Nidiffer
Cafeteria Assistant




Washington County Menu Cycles

Washington County Menu Cycle

Cafeteria Information

  • For current information from Washington County Schools Nutrition, please follow Washington County Schools Nutrition  on  FacebookTwitter,  and  Instagram

  • Please note that our University School menu is dependent on the Washington County Schools Menus. When they miss a scheduled school day, the menu rolls forward.  Be aware that the menu posted on our school website is only tentative, based on our anticipation of what their schedule will be, and what our scheduled days off are, and therefore may not be accurate.

  • On half days the cafeteria will be open at 7:30 a.m., for breakfast, and will stay open until 8:15 a.m..

  • Money for student meal accounts may be turned in Monday-Friday, 7 AM - 1 PM.

  • We accept cash and checks only.

  • Checks should be made payable to University School Cafeteria.  When writing a check, please use black or blue ink.  Regions Bank has asked us not to accept any checks written with other colors of ink. 

  • Please put the money in an envelope with child's full name on the outside.

  • Students can purchase extra items, but they will need to have money with them or in their account.

  • If there is a balance due on a student's school meal account, they will not be allowed to purchase extra items (baked chips, granola bars, cookies, etc.) until the balance is paid in full.

  • Limits on purchasing extra items can be placed on a student's meal account. If you would like to limit the amount of extra items that the student can purchase, please send a note with the student or email us at .

  • Students are issued a PIN. The five digit number needs to be memorized.  Students may pay by the day or you may put money on their account.  Cafeteria accounts can be accessed online;  sign up for on-line lunch account payments @

    Fill out your lunch application online @

    All families are eligible to apply for free and reduced lunch at any time throughout the year. The applications may be picked up in the school office and returned to the cafeteria manager at University School or brought to Central Office to be processed.

  • In addition to the breakfast menu for each day, we will offer a Grab & Go breakfast. 
  • Please note that the following pricing is current as of the 2019-2020 school year:

    WCS Student Meal Prices:

    -Breakfast $1.70-
    -Lunch Elementary $2.50-
    -Lunch Middle School $2.60-
    -Lunch High School $2.90-

    WCS Staff Meal Prices:

    -Breakfast $2.00-
    -Lunch $3.75-

    WCS Visitor Meal Prices:

    -Breakfast $2.50-
    -Lunch $4.00- 

  •  Lunches will be provided at the following times:

    • 10:30-11:00: K-2nd grade
    • 11:00-11:30: 3rd – 5th  grade
    • 11:30-12:00: 6th -8th grade
    • 12:00-12:30: 10th and 11th grade
    • 12:30-1:00: 9th and 12th grade

    Students in grades 7th through 12th may eat outside depending on the weather. 7th and 8th grade students are expected to stay in the back of the building. 9th and 10th grade students may eat in the back or front of the building.  11th and 12th grade students may go to the Culp Center to eat.

    Students may not go eat at or get food from Pal’s, Cook Out, McDonald’s, the BP gas station or any other location that would require them to leave the main campus of ETSU. Students who drive and park on campus may not go to their cars during lunch.  Lunch and driving privileges might be revoked and/or other disciplinary measures might be appropriate if students chose to not respect these expectations.

  • Drinks and Snacks / A la Carte items are available for purchase during cafeteria hours, 7:25 - 12:45 which includes before school, during breakfast and during designated breaks/lunch times.  These items cannot be charged, the student must have cash or money on their account before they can purchase these items. 

  • Our school cafeteria now has a Share Table.  The share table is meant to help eliminate food waste and student hunger by encouraging students to drop off the prepackaged food they don't want and picking up extra food if they are hungry.

    The new initiative backed by the United States Department of Agriculture strives to feed kids (and adults!) in need all while saving nutritious, usable food from landfills. All students need to do is leave unwanted food or drinks at a designated station where others can help themselves. Any food left at the end of the day can go towards afterschool programs, or a nearby shelter or nonprofit.

Lunch to Go


Ms. Connie Taylor - University School Cafeteria Manager
Congratulations to Ms. Connie Taylor, who has officially been named as our University School Cafeteria Manager.  We are excited to have Ms. Taylor in this "new" role, and know that she will do a wonderful job!
Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

We now have the free and reduced lunch applications in the office.  Parents and students are welcome to come by and pick one up during regular office hours.  You may also email your child's teacher to request an application be sent home. A new form must be filled out each year even if you have qualified in the past.



Band - Communication Tool for Washington County Nutrition

Washington County Nutrition is now using a new Communication Tool - Band.  Please note that sometimes notifications will not apply to University School since we are on a different schedule than Washington County.  The following information is from WCDE:

Hello friends,

We, like others in the district, have begun utilizing BAND in lieu of Remind.

We respectfully ask that you pass this information along to your faculty, staff, PTO, coaches, parents, etc. so they can receive nightly updates about what's for lunch the next day, exciting events happening in our kitchens, and so much more, complete with pictures, humor, and encouragement. It requires an app that is a free download from iTunes and Google Play.

The link to our BAND is listed here:

We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and there are links to those pages below my signature. Links to all of these can also be found on our website at

We are grateful for any help you can give us in spreading the word about these means of communication as these are the best way for us to reach our families.

Thank you for your constant support of our staff and program. When the students see the adults in the school eating school breakfast and lunch, it has a great impact on their perception of it.

Two weeks down many to go?! 😜
Have a great weekend!

Kelley Crider
Purchasing Agent/Field Supervisor

Washington County Schools Nutrition
405 W. College Street
Jonesborough, TN 37659
mobile: 423-963-4972 | phone: 423-753-1107

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