University Elementary School Student Spotlight - March 6, 2023

University Elementary School Student Spotlight - March 6, 2023

Elementary School Honoree – Kallan Rogers (3rd Grade)

Kallan is very kind to others. He is loves to laugh and goes out of his way to help others have a good day. Kallan is also a hard worker and his effort is noticed by others and this encourages others to work hard too. Kallan perseveres when something is difficult. He doesn't give up on himself even when things are hard!

Getting to know Kallan:

  • What is your dream job?

“My dream job is NBA basketball player.  I’ve been playing since I was five. I’m playing for travel team right now.  Being a professional basketball player is my dream!”


  • What animal would you say best represents your personality?

“I’d say a cheetah.  Cheetah’s are fast, and I’m really fast too.”

  • What item do you think is important to have with you at school at all times?

“Friends!  We like helping each other, and my friends are kind.  Having friends with me helps the day go by better.”


“Kallan makes everyone's day better,” pointed out Dr. Kelli Barnett, Kallan’s 3rd-grade teacher “He always leads with kindness and an open mind. He includes everyone and appreciates others for exactly who they are.”