University Elementary School Student Spotlight - May 15, 2023

University Elementary School Student Spotlight - May 15, 2023

Elementary School Honoree – Laney Onks (3rd Grade)

Laney is a student who is kind and respectful to everyone. She goes out of her way to be inclusive to others. Laney is also a hard-working student who always gives best effort. She loves to learn and has resilience.

Getting to know Laney:

  • What are you most excited about this summer?

“Going to the beach with my family.  We are going to Myrtle Beach.  My cousins and grandparents are going too.  We went last year and had tons of fun!  We weren’t sure we were going to be able to go again this summer, but my parents surprised us at Christmas, telling us we were going to get to go back in June.”


  • What is your favorite memory from this past school year?

“Probably Jump Rope for Heart.  We walked to the CPA in the rain and my friends and I had so much fun. Jumping rope was fun too.”


  • What are you going to miss most about 3rd grade?

“I’d say my teacher.  She is a good friend to my family and I have had a lot of fun in her class this year.”


“When someone is in need of being uplifted Laney always notices,” pointed out Dr. Kelli Barnett, Laney’s third-grade teacher. “She goes out of her way to take care of those who need it in a subtle and caring way.”