University Elementary School Student Spotlight - November 21, 2022

University Elementary School Student Spotlight - November 21, 2022

Elementary School Honoree – Harper Ranson

Harper is a great student to have in class. She works hard every day, always participates, and always tries her best with everything that she does. She gets along with everyone and is a bright light in our room. She has a positive attitude all of the time and gives 100% effort every day.


Getting to know Harper:

  • What do you most enjoy about University School?

“I like that’s it’s challenging. I think that prepares us for older grades.  I think it’s fun.”


  • If you were awarded a lifetime supply of any one candy, what would you pick?

“This is a hard question because I love candy.  I guess I’d pick Jolly Ranchers.  I think they are really good and they last a while when you are eating them.”


  • Who has had the largest positive impact on your life?

“I’d say my friend Abby.  She’s been a really good friend to me.  We’ve been friends since we were in diapers.”


“I look forward to seeing Harper's smiling face every day,” said Ms. Paiton Chambers, Harper’s 4th-grade teacher. “She shows up excited and ready to learn. I’ve learned to be more positive from Harper. She is sweet, kind, and caring. I know I can count on her to do the right thing and always bring joy to our class!”