University High School Student Spotlight - March 6, 2023

University High School Student Spotlight - March 6, 2023

High School Honoree – Alex Carter (HS Freshman)

Alex is an energetic, funny, and brilliant member of World History class. His enthusiasm for learning is contagious! He often takes historical facts from long ago and offers to the class how that lesson can be applied to current events. He makes history come alive! The classwork he submits displays a dedication to his schooling. In class discussions, he offers a fresh and distinctive perspective. Without exception, Alex exhibits a positive outlook and helps the class feel at ease with his upbeat point of view.

Getting to know Alex:

  • What is your dream job?

“F1 driver.  Formula One drivers go like 300mph. They make a lot of money, and its exciting.”


  • What animal would you say best represents your personality?

“Kangaroo.  They are funny and like to box. They can jump high. Also, they move pretty fast.”

  • What item do you think is important to have with you at school at all times?

“My phone. I use it for schoolwork and to communicate with my friends.”


"Alex is a pacesetter of learning in our classroom," said Ms. Jessica Lee, Alex's World History teacher. "He is steadfast in his commitment to self- cultivation. He comes to class each day with an energetic attitude for learning. His lighthearted approach to life helps brings others up, whenever life is challenging. Alex is creative and intelligent; he is a gem of a student!"