University High School Student Spotlight - May 15, 2023

University High School Student Spotlight - May 15, 2023

High School Honoree – Daniel Rojas (HS Freshman)

Danny is a conscientious student, asking questions in class when he doesn't understand something. He happily helps his classmates when he understands, and is willing to struggle along with them when he doesn't. He loves to know IMMEDIATELY after his tests how he did, and then wants to understand why he missed something. He's the kind of driven student teachers love to have.

Getting to know Daniel:

  • What are you most excited about this summer?

“Probably going to Doe River Gorge.  My birthday is coming up in June, and I want all my friends to go to Doe River Gorge with me for the day.  They have lots of different outdoor activities that are lots of fun.”


  • What is your favorite memory from this past school year?

“Definitely winning District last night (high school soccer).  We beat Chuckey-Doak 3-2.  It was a tough but exciting game.  It was a great experience. It feels pretty great to be District Champs.”


  • What are you going to miss most about 9th grade?

“I’m going to miss first period, Ms. Robinson’s English 9 class.  I have some friends in there with me and we have a lot of fun while we are learning.  I like starting the day with that class. I’ll also miss the soccer seniors.”


“Danny brings so much fun and positive energy to class,” said Mrs. Sims, Daniel’s Algebra I teacher. “He's always ready to learn and asks thoughtful questions during lessons. He gets along with all of his classmates and treats everyone with kindness and respect.”