University High School Student Spotlight - November 21, 2022

University High School Student Spotlight - November 21, 2022

High School Honoree – Ella Barnett

Ella is so kind and helpful.  She is a student worker in the library and she goes above and beyond to help. She gives 100% in all that she does and will often stay over to make sure jobs are completed or cleaned up.

Getting to know Ella:

  • What do you most enjoy about University School?

“I like that it is small. It gives me a chance to see my friends in most of my classes.  I’ve met my best friends here.”


  • If you were awarded a lifetime supply of any one candy, what would you pick?

“I’d pick the almond Hershey kisses.  They taste really good.  They are probably my favorite candy.”


  • Who has had the largest positive impact on your life?

“My mom and dad have had the largest impact on me. They’ve always provided for me, given me love and support, and set a good example for my brother and me.”


"Ella is a natural leader,” said Mrs. Lindsay Lester, U-School librarian. “She is kind and always willing to go the extra mile. She works hard and doesn’t stop until the job is done and done well. She is a joy to be around and is nice to everyone she meets!”